Motley Crue – Live – Glasgow Green

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Review By Darren McIntyre

Motley Crue is a heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California. Formed all the way back in 1981, the band itself has sold over 100 million albums worldwide and has been certified as a platinum or multi-platinum award-winning band.

The Boys are American glam-Tastic rock n rollers with their classic sound and outrageous antics on & off the stage.

They have thrilled audiences worldwide for over 40 years. Like most bands, they have had their ups and downs, highs and lows. However, they have remained a close-knit unit with their high-energy sleaze-tastic show that brings glitz & glamour to any arena around the world.

The boys have had their share of the limelight with their high-profile marriages, movies and addiction struggles but the one thing that has remained is music as they have continued to thrill audiences all over the world with their constant sound that is just on the money.

The boys have been on a whirlwind world tour and have been all over the USA & Europe and tonight they stop off in Glasgow on the last night of their current UK / Europe tour and come to Glasgow Green on a cold wet damp night as they bring their extravaganza show to my fine city.

As the tension heightened in the pouring rain and the energy started to rise we had Requiem In D Minor pouring from the PA system as huge clouds of white smoke filled the enormous stage, we could not see anything moving onstage as the huge plumes of smoke were swirling around in the cold Glasgow night air, hold on to your hats as we were about to witness the razzamatazz and glitz of LA’s finest bring the entertainment to us as they hit the stage and bam off we go From the moment the lights dimmed and the crowd roar filled the air, Motley Crue unleashed a hurricane of pure rock ‘n’ roll energy. The stage was a spectacle of pyrotechnics, extravagant set designs, and a larger-than-life presence that only these icons could deliver. It was clear that this was no ordinary concert—it was a full-blown rock extravaganza.

Frontman Vince Neil’s raspy yet powerful vocals were on point throughout the night. Despite passing years, he proved that he still can captivate an audience. His stage presence was charismatic and larger than life, commanding attention with every move. And let’s not forget his connection with the fans—Neil knew exactly how to engage the crowd, igniting an electric atmosphere that coursed through every spectator.

Of course, no review of a Motley Crue show would be complete without mentioning the dynamic duo of Nikki Sixx and new recruit the charismatic John 5. Sixx’s thunderous basslines provided a solid foundation for the band’s sound. John 5 shredded his way through the night with blistering guitar solos that left jaws dropping. The chemistry between these two rock legends was palpable. Their onstage synergy was a testament to the years they’ve spent honing their craft albeit in different rock circles. And who could forget the driving force behind the band’s explosive energy-the Tommy Lee? From his gravity-defying drum rollercoaster to his explosive beats, Lee’s drumming prowess was a spectacle in itself. He effortlessly showcased his skills while drenched in fireworks and lighting effects, providing a heart-pounding rhythm that elevated each song to new heights.

Motley Crue’s setlist was a well-crafted journey through their illustrious discography. Opening this spectacular show was the power-packed Wild Side. This gave us a huge shot in the arm as this much-anticipated show roared to life. We roared our delight at the opening salvo and flowed into the thundering Shout At The Devil. This had the crowd singing from the beginning.  Vince chatted to the crowd and said it was a pleasure to be in this fine city. This drew a huge cheer from this swelling, soaked crowd. He then asked us if we liked the ‘Old Shit’ and suggested that we have some more as we get Too Fast For Love followed by Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away which seemed to please the crowd.

We were treated to a couple of gorgeous backing singers who paraded the stage with the sheer prowess as well as the glitter and glamour of the Sunset Strip. This pleased the gents in the audience. We rolled back the years with hits like Live Wire and the epic Looks That Kill. We then rocked into a frenzied rendition of their classic hit & movie The Dirt which sent this crowd into orbit. Let me tell you, we were treated to a bit of brilliance from the newbie of the band the ghost-like figure of John 5, the former shredder to Marilyn Manson & Rob Zombie. He took us on a journey with a sizzling guitar solo that just took us on a whirlwind of sound. We went on a mission with rapid tracks such as Rock n Roll Pt 2 / Smokin In The Boys Room / Helter Skelter / Anarchy In The UK and finishing with the colourful Blitzkreig Pop which had us punching the air with sheer joy as the boys took us on a rock n roll journey as they rolled back the years and really got the place rocking.

But it wasn’t just about the music—the visual spectacle was just as impressive. The stage production was a feast for the eyes, with pyrotechnics, dazzling lights, and elaborate set pieces. Motley Crue spared no expense in creating an immersive experience that transported the audience into their wild, rock ‘n’ roll world.

We continued the glamtastic night of a trip down memory lane as we heard the Beastie Boys’ Fight For Your Right To Party. This had us singing at the top of our voices and dancing around like crazed teenagers. We hit our stride as we powered into Home Sweet Home, the pounding beast that is Dr Feelgood, Same Ol Situation (SOS).

We reach the business end of the night as we crash the party with the epic Girls, Girls, Girls, Primal Scream and finish this fantastic return to the stage with the pounding beast that is Kickstart My Heart that really cemented these boys into Rock n roll history as they proved that they are still one of the best.

If I had to nitpick, there were a few moments when the vocals seemed slightly strained. The occasional technical glitch temporarily disrupted the flow. However, these minor hiccups did little to dampen the overall spirit of the show. Motley Crue’s performance celebrated their legacy. It was a triumphant return to the stage that reminded everyone why they’re one of the greatest rock bands of all time. In conclusion, Motley Crue’s performance at Glasgow Green was an explosive spectacle of rock ‘n’ roll decadence. From their captivating stage presence to their undeniable musical talent, they delivered a show that left fans breathless and craving more. If you have the opportunity to witness Motley Crue live, don’t miss it. You’ll enjoy a wild ride that will be etched in your memory for years to come.

Motley Crue –

           Vince Neil – Vocals / Guitar

           John 5 – Guitar

           Nikki Sixx – Bass / Backing Vocals

           Tommy Lee – Drums / Percussion / Backing Vocals

Setlist –

      Wild Side

      Shout At The Devil

      Too Fast For Love

      Don’t Go Away Mad(Just Go Away)

      Live Wire

      Looks That Kill

      The Dirt(Est 1981)

      Guitar Solo

      Rock n Roll Pt 2, Smokin In The Boys Room

      Helter Skelter / Anarchy In The UK / Blitzkreig Pop

      Fight For Your Right To Party

      Home Sweet Home

      Dr Feelgood


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