Out of Darkness by She Burns Red

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Release date 15th September

Review and photos by Linda McDermott

Buckle up! Do I have a belter of an album for you!

This is the much-anticipated debut album by Scottish rock band She Burns Red who have now found the perfect line up to fulfil their musical ambitions. They are Andy Moore – vocals/guitar, James McCulloch – vocals/bass guitar, Naz Scanferlato – guitar, Scott Hanlon – drums/backing vocals.

She Burns Red have been touring extensively up and down the country to forge a name for themselves and along with support slots going as far afield as Northern Ireland, they have played a heap of festivals including Call of the Wild Festival, Rockmantic, Winter Rocks, Love Rocks, and most recently SOS Festival in Oldham. Having had a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year they are now preparing for the album launch party on the 9th September at Audio, Glasgow. (See link below for tickets)

This album is borne from the pandemic and revolves around inner turmoil and mental health, culminating in the exorcising of demons and how cathartic that is for our wellbeing. The lyrical content is that of integrity and moral belief following a period of uncertainty and ambiguity where everyone was affected. The poignant lyrics and powerful music will have you pressing repeat again and again as you unravel the intricacy of this impressive album. It is full of grungy, punky, rock music, with influences coming from the likes of The Foo Fighters, The Wildhearts, and Danko Jones. This album is without a doubt outstanding.

As soon as you hit play, it’s got you by the proverbial you-know-whats! It’s electrifying and gutsy from the word go and as you listen to each track you will realise that they have all earned the right to be on this album. Although the lyrical content speaks of emotive and intense feelings of which we can all relate to in one way or another, it is uplifting and inspiring and will have you singing along with a renewed attitude that will get inside your head and stay there.

Album Tracklist:
1. Touch
2. Rise and Fall
3. Killing Time
4. Crosshairs
5. Heavy is the Head
6. Run
7. Stronger
8. Crack the Sky
9. Out of Darkness

The first track, ‘Touch’ starts you on a ride of blistering guitars and massive drumbeats, quickly getting you into the zone of where this album is going. It lures you in with an exhilarating expectancy of what’s to follow. I think this is my favourite track.

Then it’s back-to-back singles ‘Rise and Fall’ and ‘Killing Time’, both released in 2022 and both imposing tracks. ‘Rise and Fall’ being my favourite track, is the first and the heavier of the two. Andy leads you through a journey of loneliness, helplessness and feelings of isolation, but this inspiring song reminds us that hope comes from strength, stability and most importantly unity and the music reflects this.

This is my favourite song by She Burns Red. ‘Killing Time’ has James taking the lead vocals, with a reminder that we must make the most of the time we have with people who matter. Musically it’s punchy and has an intense build up to the chorus, it then crashes down to an ominous bass bridge before it lures you back in with a crescendo of drums and guitars.

‘Crosshairs’ is my favourite and will be released as a single on the 14th August. First released in 2020 on the EP ‘Take Back Tomorrow’ it has subtly been reworked. Speaking to James about this song he says “Before we started recording the album, we knew we wanted this to be a single and that we would re-record it. Since Naz and Scott joined the band, it has taken on a new lease of life and even though the bones of the song are the same, it has a completely different vibe, it kicks that little bit harder, the backing vocals have gone up a notch and it’s just a more fun song.”

‘Heavy is the Head ‘is electrically charged with its high-pitched guitar at the beginning leading you through a song gloriously influenced by The Foo Fighters. It is my favourite song on the album and is a rousing, purging of emotions around those in power and how they have ‘filled our lives with lies and misdirection.’ This is impressively done as it builds throughout with vocal harmonies, unburdening the injustice of it all, definitely a show of devil horns are needed here.

A favourite of mine is the intoxicating ‘Run’ it is simply beautiful and filled with intensity and passion with heart pounding drums and stirring guitars drawing you through the powerful lyrics about a toxic relationship.

It’s very difficult to have a favourite song on this album, however, this is it. ‘Stronger’ is a raw, coherent outpouring of an inner struggle many can relate too. James wrote the words for this song and spoke openly about where they came from. He said “it was at a time when I was coming out of a bad mental health episode. It’s about the realisation that some people will never look at you the same way because of things that happened during that time but also the realisation that there’s nothing you can do about that. You just have to focus on getting better.” He continued by saying “Relationships can mend at a later time and ultimately, if you take on too much when you’re fragile and vulnerable that can have a seriously negative effect on you.” I can feel the turmoil and angst with every word and beat in this song, it is a very powerful addition to the album.

Crack the Sky is yet another head banger of a track, and one which Scott loves “because the rhythm and beat gets you head banging from the very start. I really put a lot of thought into the drum fills, especially the fast ones at the very end. I love playing this song live!”  I must agree, it’s my favourite as well.

Out of Darkness is the title track and their last single. Yet another gritty, well thought out song, this is my favourite! Throughout this album the guitar playing by Andy and Naz is stunning, with riffs that drive the songs on to their climax, each solo adding to the story, taking you on an evocative intriguing journey through your own exploration on the words and music. Finally, the last note is played and then you remind yourself to breathe……

To sum up. This album is immense, every song could be released as a single. No, I can’t choose a favourite song, it’s impossible, they are all phenomenal, outstanding, breath-taking songs, taking you on a roller coaster ride leaving you exhausted but thinking, WOW!

Album Launch Party tickets available from www.tickets-scotland.com

Tour Dates:
27 Aug – Rockwich, Northwich (sold out)
9th Sept -Audio, Glasgow (album launch show)

15th Sept – Giffard Arms, Wolverhampton
30th Sept – Rockin for Tots, Festival, Edinburgh
21st Oct – Station 18 Festival, Swansea

10th Nov – Rockmantic, Grimsby
9th Feb 2024 – Rockmantic, Carlisle (headliners)
24th–26th May 2024 – Call of The Wild Festival, Lincolnshire Showground

The three singles from the album have videos on YouTube, links below.

Rise and Fall

Killing Time

Out of Darkness

You can find the band on the following

Official Website: http://sheburnsred.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sheburnsred
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sheburnsredband
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5axwjwMP8gsMNEOvzbE6DP
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@sheburnsredband
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sheburnsredband

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