GBH Carlisle Brickyard 21st July 

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Review and Photos by Linda McDermott

Oi! Punks! Were you at The Brickyard in Carlisle on Friday 21st July? Well, if you were, what a great night you had. If you weren’t, I’m about to tell you why you should have been there and why you should try to see GBH if you can. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve not listened to hardcore punk rock for a long time, but this brought back a whole load of memories for me and a renewed interest.

Arriving at the Brickyard in Carlisle early to catch the support bands, who’s the first person I see standing at the door, it was only Jock from GBH who was very

approachable and happy to chat.

Band members

Colin Abrahall – Vocals

Jock Blyth – Guitar

Ross Lomas – Bass

Scott Preece – Drums 

Part of the UK’s 1980’s punk scene GBH have had a long and highly respected career spanning over 40 years. Can you believe it was in 1982 that they released their first studio album ‘City Baby Attacked by Rats!

On being asked why they continue to tour Jock said he is constantly surprised by the turn out at gigs, he’s also stunned by the number of people who know the songs, and astonished by the support they get, that’s why they keep gigging and that’s why they keep going, the support from the fans is like a drug for them. I totally get what he means, 40 years down the line and people are still singing their songs back to them must be very addictive.

Punk rock, known for its anarchistic lyrics sung fast and furious and under 3 minutes means that for a set you’ve got to have a few songs up your sleeve. With a staggering 12 studio albums, 7 live albums, 9 compilation albums and a heap of singles the guys have plenty to choose from and 24 songs picked they were duly played to an audience who were hoping to hear their favourites.

Set List

1 Diplomatic Immunity

2 Drugs Party

3 Sick Boy

4 Slit Your Own Throat

5 Am I Dead

6 War Pigs

7 Maniac

8 Gunned Down

9 Hunted

10 Prayer

11 Passenger

12 Heavy Discipline

13 Boston Baby

14 Bellend Bop

15 Never Asked

16 Generals

17 No Survivors

18 Fifty What

19 Momentum

20 Give Me Fire

21 City Baby

22 Revenge

23 Time Bomb

24 Bomber

They took to the stage to a massive cheer and got stuck right in. That was it for me and everyone else in the place. Heads banging, foot tapping, singing back to them, I’m not sure if I made up some of the lyrics to some songs (I am sure) but I didn’t care, I was in the zone, and it was brilliant. I loved that there were people there with mohawks asking me to take their photos, I loved that people were dancing about without a care and I loved the battering out of the energetic and highly charged songs.

Punk Rock is alive and kicking with GBH and they are touring all over the world, recently returning to the UK from an extensive US tour. Luckily for you there are a few more UK dates still to come and here are the next 5 dates this year.

8 Sept The Fleece, Bristol

9th Sept Phoenix Arts Centre, Exeter

23rd Nov The Zoo, Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia

3rd Dec SO36, Berlin, Germany

15th Dec Cavern Club, Exeter


Instagram @gbhofficialuk

Facebook @GBH

Do yourself a favour and catch them if you can, you’ll come away with a spring in your step for sure.

Kill Spector

Support for this gig came in the shape of two local Cumbrian punk bands.

Kill Spector, who released an album in July this year called Night of the Long Shadow flew through their set which was mostly made up from this album. Playing a great instrumental tune called ‘Woodsnagger’ in their set that in my humble opinion would be elevated even more with lyrics, they entertained the crowd leading up to GBH hitting the stage. Guitarist Jimmy had a double role to play as he was originally a member of State Control who were first on the bill.

Band Members

Chris – drums

Matty – guitar and vocals

Phil – bass and vocals

Jimmy – guitar

Set List

1 Flame Surfer

2 Comic book

3 Boring These Days

4 Human Zoo

5 Black You Out

6 Move Forward

7 Pandoras Box

8 Ballad of the Unwanted

9 Short Days, Long Nights

10 Woodsnagger

11 High and Mighty

12 Anti You

13 Rattler

State Control

First, to the stage was State Control, a four-piece band who had split up a few years ago but had got back together to do a reunion set supporting GBH, and who wouldn’t want to do that?

It has been 8 years since the band released their debut album ‘Ignorance and Apathy’ and I wasn’t sure what to expect but I wasn’t disappointed. They kicked of the night with some punchy numbers including covers of Discharges ‘Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing’ and The Dead Kennedys ‘Moon over Marin’ which they delivered brilliantly. They certainly set the tone for the rest of the night. I’m not sure if they have decided to get back together or not, but if they wanted my opinion I would say, I think they should give it another shot.

Band members

Bellos – Vocals

Jimmy – Lead Guitar

Snotty – Bass

Dom – Drums

Set List

1 War and Politics

2 Virtual Population

3 Sick Bastard

4 How Many Dead

5 Same Old Story

6 Ignorance and Apathy

7 Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing

8 Where Were You

9 Broken Minds

10 Serenade is Dead

11 Oppression

12 Moon Over Marin

13 Do You Believe

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