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Review By Darren McIntyre

Vandenberg is a Dutch-American hard rock band from Amsterdam – Los Angeles who burst onto the scene when they originally formed in 1981. The band took their name from guitarist Adrian ‘Adje’ Van Den Berg.

The band, like most, has had some changes to personnel but has kept the hard rocking edgy vibe that we have come to know and love. Storylines are flowing again as the boys bring us their latest offering SIN, due to drop on August 25th. Please settle in as I walk us through this blistering new offering.

Thunder & Lightning – Straight out the gate comes a pounding rhythm section that hits us with a solid snare drum groove that allows the bass kicks to let this monster opener do its thing. The awesome gravelly rasping vocals take this thundering monster to the next level as we get a shredding power riffed guitar lick that really lets this awesome track take us to another place as the deep killer bassline drops the hammer and gives us meaty funking grooves. We have sweet clean licks that are giving this track a really heavy riff that works so well with this awesome double bass kick groove that is just offloading all over this fantastic opener that just keeps giving and giving for sure as the boys really kick in the doors and give it to us with all they have.

House On Fire – A slick heavy-ended guitar riff erupts from the get-go as this cool rocking beast makes itself known as we continue where we left off as the groove really brings the heat. The funking bass is handing us a really cool kick as the track winds up and gives us a real shot in the arm as we feel the attitude and swagger really come at us. We have a thundering rhythm section that is giving us deep snare punches as the bass kicks just bring the groove for sure. The rasping vocals are on point as this shredding beast comes straight at us with slick cool crisp licks that are delivering in truckloads with ease as the boys dig deep and tell it like it is with no consequences.

Sin – The track brings sweet cool licks that flow effortlessly into the opening section of this stringed intro as the killer guitar riffs tear open the track and let it breathe. The snare drum punches are really letting this track come to life as we just feel the energy oozing from every musician as this melodic rocking beast builds and builds. The basslines are just awesome as they slice open the midsection with ease this classy pounding monster really catches us by surprise as it really kicks like a mule with ease. The gravelly vocals rise to the surface and give this awesome arrangement the recognition it deserves as the whole track just bubbles with gritty rasping guitar licks that take this track to another level as slick cool licks pour through this foot-stomping beast and let us know Vandenberg is back and back with an almighty bang, and that’s for sure.

Light It Up – A real gritty rasping guitar riff erupts from the off as this pounding beast comes at us with all it has as the gravelly vocals let us know they are with us. The killer rhythm section is ripping the doors off as it hits us with a colossal snare drum beat that just drives this juggernaut onwards as the bass kicks combine with cymbal crashes that really let this epic track tell its story. The slick cool guitar licks are weaving their way through this fantastic foot-stomping beast as the whole band hit the ground running and delivers deep funking basslines that wrap themselves around this killer track as the cool vocals rise and rise and really take this fantastic rocker to another level with ease.

Walking On Water – Soulful deep vocals are easing through the intro as cool guitar picks flow freely through the intro before the track bursts into life with a pounding groove. The bass is handing us sweet deep funk grooves that deliver this track on a plate with its intense sound that just crashes through the doors and lets us have it for sure. This is a sizzling full-on rock track that has depth, direction, and tons of swagger that tells us that the boys are ready to take us to another place with this epic slab of rock n roll that just delivers and then some. We are getting slick rasping guitar chords that are wrapped in colossal grooves with a thundering rhythm section that just breaks free and shows us the road home as the gritty rasping vocals just give us more and more for sure.

Burning Skies – Cymbal snaps are bringing this epic groove-laden rock track to life as the snare drum punches open the rhythm section and let this fantastic beast open up. The gravelly soulful vocals are just taking this track upwards as we feel this rocking monster really grab a hold of us and just deliver a full-on rock track that has slick cool guitar riffs that are wrapped in killer bass grooves that just elevate this foot stomper to the next level as we just open ourselves to this killer album that is full of classic melodies that are bringing the heat to this rip-roaring monster arrangement that is giving us what we wanted from the boys.

Hit The Ground Running – From the off this track ticks all the boxes as we get a galloping riff that sets the tone from the get-go as the pounding snare drum kicks really open this colossal offering. The bass kicks are coming at us and deliver a solid full groove that is working well with the deep meaty bassline that is handing us cool beats that combine with a slick gritty guitar tone that is running wild through the midsection as we get crisp shredding licks that are just awesome. The tempo changes direction several times and just lets us know why these boys are firing on all cylinders for sure as this pounding beast comes through with a solid killer punch that is taking this album to another level for sure.

Baby You’ve Changed – Time for a rock ballad that is oozing from the off as the soulful vocals really let this track come at us and deliver mellow guitar licks that really open this awesome ballad to do its thing. The snare drum punches are handing us bass kicks that bring cymbal snaps that let the groove flow effortlessly through the track as we feel the emotion pour through the track as the colossal vocals just deliver and then some. Bass grooves are hitting us with all they have as we get a fuzzy feeling as they wrap themselves around this fantastic offering just as the slick licks take us to another place as we just stop and feel the depth of this amazing number that catches us by surprise.

Out Of The Shadows – We get a real haunting guitar lick that accompanies dark soulful vocals that let this track really take us on the journey of discovery. The whole album is a real smooth story that takes us to one place then another as the whole tale just unfolds and brings us a shredding gritty guitar lick that just intensifies with every chord that chips away at our soul. The rhythm section is on point with solid snare drum kicks that are working well with the bass notes that are working tirelessly to let this thundering beast take us to another place. The vocals are just building and building as the whole tale just fits into place as the boys deliver a real slab of rock n roll that just makes sense. I am just about to put this bad boy on repeat for sure.

Vandenberg –

Mats Leven – Vocals

Adrian Vandenberg – Guitar

Randy Van Der Elsen – Bass

Koen Herfst – Drums

Track Listing  –

Thunder & Lightening

House On Fire


Light It Up

Walking On Water

Burning Skies

Hit The Ground Running

Baby You’ve Changed

Out Of The Shadows

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