Borracho – Blurring The Lines Of Reality

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Stoner Rock

Kozmik Artifactz  Release Date – August 18th 2023

Review by  Smudge

Ten years ago, an unassuming five-track album from Borracho dropped into my lap. I’d never heard of Borracho before that but that album, ‘Oculus’, for me has become the benchmark for all stoner music to be measured. It has some of the greatest guitar work, grooves and rhythms ever committed to tape. Just my opinion, so from that day I have followed Borracho and all they have done. Here we have another masterpiece to rival ‘Oculus’.

Borracho have no trouble in creating elongated musical passages all centred around Steve Fisher’s wonderfully down-tuned Flying ‘V’ the rhythm section of Tim Martin and Mario Trubiano keep locked in so Fisher can express himself in any way he wants. Opening the record is the first of a trio of tracks under the ‘Architects Of Chaos’ banner. What you get is over twenty minutes of stoner psych that weaves, crushes, punches then soothes in waves. There are eastern sections and parts that bludgeon before they take you skywards on a big cloud of sickly, sweet blue smoke and just leave you floating. ‘Loaded’ is a stoner instrumental where Fisher shows his Schenker-like dexterity then ‘This Great War’ just grooves like a bastard allowing Fisher to howl like a hungry wolf. The groove is huge, and you just can’t stop yourself from nodding along. Finally, get strapped for over twelve minutes of a world-class stoner on ‘Burning The Goddess’ by Crikey Tim Martin’s bass goes right through you and Fisher’s gift of the riff just keeps on giving

If you like the best of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Mountain all wrapped up in the same gnarly sounds as Fu Manchu and Wo Fat then this rough diamond is just waiting to be heard. Play it loud and proud and claim on the household insurance for any damage done to your property and your foundations. Of all the albums I have reviewed so far this year, and there have been some absolute pearlers, this for me is the best album of the year. Call me a sucker for huge down tuned riff and mammoth groove – this has it all, no frills just dirty denim and a tour t-shirt soaked in sweat and beer and the feint aroma of the old jazz cabbage (not that I condone that sort of behaviour). I’m just so happy that my all-time favourite stoner band has released another blinding record. Enjoy.

Track List –

1 – Architects Of Chaos I

2 – Architects Of Chaos II

3 – Architects Of Chaos III

4 – Loaded

5 – This Great War

6 – Burning The Goddess


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