Florence Black Live QMU Glasgow

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Review By Darren McIntyre

Florence Black is a 3 piece rock band from Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales who came to our attention almost 9 years ago in that time we have been given EP I, EP II, the final EP and the blistering debut album Weight Of The World, this has won them the accolade of (Planet Rock, Best Band of 2022). Florence blacks are Tristan Thomas, Jordan Evans & Perry Davies who have been cutting their teeth on the festival circuit and numerous support slots to the likes of Ugly Kid Joe, Kris Barras Band, Steel Panther and conquering Frankfurt opening for the mighty Bohse Onkelz, the boys have been hitting the circuit hard and tonight they roll into Glasgow and ready us for a blistering set of colossal rock n roll that will certainly bring attitude & swagger to our fine city tonight. The place is buzzing and almost full to capacity as we await the arrival of these 3 fine guys from the Welsh valleys, the lights dim and the boys step onto the small well-packed stage and bellow out hello Glasgow to which we holler back with a mighty cheer, the boys ready themselves as they launch into

Zulu – A cool riff wanders freely into the night as the boys explode with a solid snare drum punch really brings the heat as bass kicks combine with cymbal crashes as this blistering trio kicks in the doors and lets us know that they have arrived. Bass grooves are hitting us with a plundering deep funk groove that just brings this awesome piece to life, this sizzling guitar riff is so infectious as it really brings the roof down on us. Vocals have a real gravelly rasping tone that just bellows out and hits the mark as these boys build and build as this gritty powering monster bares its teeth and lets us know that the boys are in the house, the crowd go nuts as they feel the love oozing from these 3 young titans as they enter the arena, we calm down as the guys hit us with

On The Ropes – The track erupts into life with Perry pounding the skins as the sludgy riffs take the roof off with their sizzling crisp tones as the track roars into action. The full-on bass lines are dark, and melodic and bring real depth to this rasping beast of a track as it fills every corner of this compact hall tonight, we get gravelly vocals that are perfect for this track as Tristan bellows out with his rasping tones that are equally matched with Jordan & Perry matching him for speed, swagger and precision, The track is fast, furious and has plenty in the tank as the boys are just getting warmed up and take us onto –

Bird On A Chain –  The guitar licks are hitting us as this thundering beast explodes with a real gritty shredding power chorded intro. Bass drum kicks are working so well as the snare drum punches surround us and really open this colossal track to let us feel the energy hurtling towards us. Bass chords are hitting us with everything they have as they drive forward with deep funk grooves that match this awesome track to perfection, solo spills out and hands us slick clean chords that are just incredible, all you see are heads nodding with approval as these boys blow the roof off this place tonight, we head straight into killer new offering

Start Again – A real gutsy guitar shred explodes from the off as this pounding monster hits us with deep bass kicks that bring cymbal snaps to our attention. The full-on bassline is commanding our attention as this foot-stomping piece really grabs our attention as this new killer track drives the juggernaut Florence Black machine onwards. The boys are really hitting it hard and telling it like it is as the crowd nods along and gives their approval of these 3 hard rocking boys as they ply their trade and give us what we want tonight on a rain-drenched night that is getting us warmed up for sure, the boys are asking us again are we having a good time to which we reply hell yeah, we rock into the blistering –

Black Cat – The mood changes somewhat as a cool bassline drops mellow tones all through the intro as cymbal snaps control the rhythm section as this cool punchy beast opens up. The soulful dark vocals are echoing all around the venue as this killer track builds and builds as the solid snare drum punches hit us from all sides, the tempo is a real foot stomper as the boys really settle into their stride and bring us their firebrand style of hard rock that is putting smiles on plenty of faces tonight. The boys are giving us shredding guitar licks that are wrapped in delicious punchy snare drum kicks that let us know that the boys are happy to be here and boy don’t we know it, we roll into –

Breadfan (Budgie Cover) –  The slick gritty riffs explode into the night air as this deep plundering bass-driven track kicks in the doors and announces that Florence Black is in the house. Snare drum punches are surrounding us as this thundering beast breaks cover and has killer solid vocals that are working perfectly with this arrangement. Bass chords are dropping power-driven funk grooves that just melt all over this insane cover, the guitar solo is full-on and is giving us riffs and shreds that are just delivering a full-on rock assault of epic proportions, a change-up comes in and the track slows a little as we just stand in awe of these young gifted musicians as they hit us with everything they have. This is a really insane cover that is just incredible, we are ready for the last track of their short but entertaining set as they inform us that they will be back in October for a headline set, and we get – 

Sun & Moon – A cool guitar lick wanders in as this cool rocker gets ready to hit us like a thunderbolt, there are smooth cool bass lines handing us a cool funk thread as we get ready for blast off. Vocals are just on the money as they drive forward with a real gravelly tone that just wraps itself around this pounding beast, snare drum punches are coping well with bass kicks as they bring in cymbal crashes that just kick arse. We have just witnessed a real rock-driven performance from three young talented musicians that let me tell you are destined for bigger things for sure. This is a real in-your-face performance that tells us that these boys are only going to get better for sure.

Florence Black  –

                           Tristan Thomas  –  Guitar / Vocals

                          Jordan Evans  –  Bass

                          Perry Davies  –  Drums

Setlist  –


            On The Ropes

            Bird On A Chain

            Start Again – New Track

            Black Cat

            Breadfan(Budgie Cover)

            Sun & Moon

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