Duff McKagan – I Saw God On 10th Street

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Review By Darren McIntyre

Michael Andrew ‘Duff’ McKagan is a rock musician from Seattle, Washington who is best known as a bass player for the rock band Guns n Roses. Before his time with probably one of the biggest bands in the world Duff was part of bands such as Neurotic Outsiders, 10 Minute Warning, Loaded & Velvet Revolver, as well as Alice In Chains, Jane’s Addiction & Hollywood Vampires. Duff has also spent time in the studio and brought us a couple of solo records in the form of Believe In Me in 1993, and Tenderness in 2019 & on October 20th he brings us his latest solo record Lighthouse, which has already given us opening single Lighthouse which I reviewed for you back in June, hot on the heels comes killer new single I Saw God On 10th St which I will be reviewing for you today.

I Saw God On 10th St – A cool acoustic strumming riff oozes from the intro as Duff comes at us with his gravelly soulful vocals that let this classy piece unfold. The lyrics are soothing and bring a real melodic feeling to the track as the cool rhythm section crashes the party and gives us a solid snare drum beat that has cymbal snaps that let the whole arrangement work. The funking bassline is dropping sweet clean grooves all through the track as the tempo changes up gear and it really allows the whole thing to real deliver a foot-stomping full-on tone that brings a swagger to the whole thing as we feel a different groove flowing from this charismatic rocker as he explores a grungy vibe that just works.

Duff McKagan  –  

                         Duff McKagan  –  Vocals / Guitar

Track Listing  –

                      I Saw God On 10th St

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