Icon Of Sin – Night Force

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Review By Darren McIntyre

Icons Of Sin are a heavy metal band from Curitiba, Brazil who were formed in 2020 and has already given us their debut album Icons Of Sin in 2021. The boys have been hard at work bringing us the follow-up album Legends which is due for release on August 4th, the boys brought us powering lead single Cimmerian which I reviewed for you back in June, the boys have wasted no time in hitting us hard with their second offering in the form of Night Force which I will be bringing you today.

Night Force – Straight out the gate comes to a fast and furious shredding riff that lets this thundering beast make its presence known as we feel the energy oozing from the outset. There is a classy bassline that is handing us meaty funk grooves that are letting the tone come to life as we get down and dirty with these boys as they pick up where they left off from the previous single. The punchy rhythm section is offering up a pounding double bass kick that works well with the solid snare drum kicks that bring cymbal crashes raining down on us as we get air raid siren vocals that are building and building as this killer track just swagger through the midsection and hits us with a real slick guitar lick that is building and building as the boys hit their stride and bring us all they have in this foot-stomping beast that is dropping sweet licks and a pounding rhythm section that is just oozing quality from start to finish.

Icons Of Sin  –

                      Raphael Mendes  –  Vocals

                      Marcelo Gelbcke  –  Guitar

                      Sol Perez  –  Guitar

                      Caio Vidal  –  Bass

                      Markos Franzmann  –  Drums

Track Listing  –

                      Night Force

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