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Review By Darren McIntyre

Bywater Call is a 7 piece blues / americana / roots / southern soul band from Toronto that formed in 2017 and brought us their debut album Bywater Call in 2019. They have been touring constantly around the Toronto Blues Scene and did a 39-city tour in 45 days to packed houses to amazing responses, they recently supported Robert Jon & The Wreck around the UK & will participate in Joe Bonamassa’s 3rd Keeping The Blues Alive Cruise before hitting our shores in October on their own headline tour. The band will tour in support of their new album Remain due to drop in September, with that in mind the guys bring us their captivating new single Sweet Maria which I will be reviewing for you today.

Sweet Maria – Kicking off this blues-infused / americana classic track comes incredible keys that flow effortlessly through the intro before a solid snare drum beat hits us and brings the bass kicks that just light this track up. We have incredible soulful vocals that are steeped in a blues-infused tone that works so well in this toe-tapping track, there is a colossal brass section that brings a real New Orleans feel to this fantastic arrangement. The bassline is a really cool mellow groove that wraps itself around the intense groove that has washed over us and really brings the swagger to this killer arrangement, the keys are a real standout addition to this punchy groove-laden piece. We take the tempo down a little as Meghan chants out and the backing vocals deliver a real soulful vibe that has us slapping our thighs and stamping our feet to this killer track that takes us on the journey with the band as they let us feel the emotion oozing from this incredible piece of music.

Bywater Call  –

                      Meghan Parnell  –  Vocals

                      Dave Barnes  –  Guitar

                      Mike Meusel  –  Bass

                      Alan Zemaitis  –  Keys

                      Stephen Dyte  –  Trumpet

                      Julian Nalli  –  Tenor Sax

                      Bruce McCarthy  –  Drums

Track Listing  –

                      Sweet Maria

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