Laurence Jones – You’re Not Alone

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Review By Darren McIntyre

Laurence Jones is a blues/rock singer-songwriter from Liverpool, England who has been active since 2010. Jones learned classical guitar at age 7 and became inspired towards blues when he acquired a Gibson Les Paul and practised 2 hrs a day, by his mid-teens he fronted his own covers band which had a female singer. He formed his own blues trio aged 17, enrolled @ The University Of Birmingham and when his final exams came around he decided to go on tour with Johnny Winter & Walter Trout. Jones has given us 4 studio albums and on the 25th of August he unleashes his stunning new album Bad Luck & The Blues from that comes the explosive new single You’re Not Alone which I will be reviewing for you today.

You’re Not Alone – A real sludgy bluesy riffed guitar lick erupts from the off as this foot-stomping rip-roaring beast comes to life and delivers big time. We get a pounding rhythm section that hits us with solid snare drum beats that have meaty bass kicks for the company as the cymbal crashes rain down on us and let this rocker track give it to us big time. The colossal bassline is dropping deep funking grooves that just wrap themselves around this epic monster track as the trio gels and lets their musicianship do the talking, we get a slick clean crisp guitar solo that brings the swagger, depth and attitude to this foot-stomping beast as the boys dig deep and offload with a precision that just allows us to feel the energy ripping through this fantastic album ending track that was worth the wait.

Laurence Jones  –

                            Laurence Jones  –  Guitar / Vocals

                            Jack Alexander Timmis  –  Bass

                            Ash Sheehan  –  Drums

Track Listing  –

                      You’re Not Alone

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