Spacegoat – Go Beyond The Stars – Single Review

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Review By Darren McIntyre

Spacegoat is a 5 piece alt/metal band from Bendigo, Central Victoria, Australia who is a band with roots in various subgenres. The band emerged from the shadows of 2019 with their debut EP 33 firmly in the grasp, Spacegoat was voted amongst the top bands in Melbourne to play at the acclaimed Good Things Festival, although they didn’t win this has opened a lot of doors for this energetic rock 5 piece. Today they release a killer new single Go Beyond The Stars which is the follow-up to the mighty Earthquakes which I  reviewed for you way back in February, please settle in as I walk us through this thundering new offering.

Go Beyond The Stars – The track comes at us with a pounding rhythm of bass kicks and snare drum kicks as the enchanting melodic intro takes us to another place. The shredding power riffs enter the fray and allow this mesmerising track to really grab our attention and let our imagination run wild as the soulful lyrics tell their own story, the full bassline is dropping meaty funk tones that just let the whole arrangement build and get more powerful and drive this epic grunge filled tempo onwards, the fantastic vocals are drawing us in and letting the whole track deliver a foot-stomping energetic rawness that is captivating and really stops us in our tracks. The tempo is a real solid powering groove that is hitting us with a rasping guitar riff that is wrapped in cool snare drum beats that are swiftly followed by the haunting soulful vocals that are wrapped in the gritty guitar licks that are kicking in the doors and letting us know that Spacegoat is back.

Spacegoat  –

                   Erin ‘Ed’ Eddy  –  Vocals

                   Leon Russell  –  Guitar

                   Michael ‘ Mighty’ McGrath  –  Guitar

                   Lyndon ‘ Kid’ Eddy  –  Bass

                   Adam Beattie  –  Drums

Track Listing  –

                      Go Beyond The Stars

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