Atlas – You’re Not Alone

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Review By Darren McIntyre

Atlas are a melodic rock band from Manchester, England who were formed in early 2017, the boys have given us 2 studio records in the form of In Pursuit Of Memory in 2018 & Parallel Love in 2019 which charted @ no 36 in Japan.

The boys have shared the stage with the likes of The Quireboys, Eric Martin(Mr Big), Vega, Big Country & Praying Mantis, they release their powering new album Built To Last on 20th October and have already given us lead single All Or Nothing which I reviewed back in July, fast forward and the boys hit us with their stunning second release in the form of You’re Not Alone which I will be bringing you today.

You’re Not Alone – The track opens with a punchy groove that gives us a real melodic powering feel that has cool synth tones that really take you on the journey. The soulful vocals run freely through the track and really settle us into this cool groove as the snare drum punches fill the air and let the rhythm section come at us with pounding bass kicks that are finished with killer cymbal crashes that let this track fly. The deep full on bassline is dropping cool funk tones that wrap themselves around this fantastic 80’s feeling track, the gritty rasping guitar riffs ploughing their way through the track and really giving it that melodic feel as we tap our feet to this punchy rasping offering. The vocals are strong with a real Bon Jovi-esque tone that just comes at you from all sides and tells us that these boys are here and here to stay.

photo by Mark Ellis

Atlas  –

          Craig Wells  –  Vocals

          Howie Little  –  Guitar

          Chris Redfern  –  Bass

          James Thorley  –  Keys

          Ryan Briggs  –  Drums

Track Listing  –

                       You’re Not Alone

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