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Morgan Wade is a singer/songwriter from Floyd, Virginia who burst onto the country scene around 2018 when she began writing songs as a freshman in college. She recorded her first album Puppets With My Heart which was credited to the breaking up with her boyfriend. Morgan has been described as a hardened Sheryl Crow as her melancholy tones bring a complex feel to her music. Morgan dropped her colossal debut album Reckless on Us in 2021 and has gone on to tour the world in celebration of this groundbreaking release, she has been back in the studio and recently gave us 80’s movie and follows that up with the fantastic college dreamer track Fall In Love With Me, both tracks are from her soon to be released new album Psychopath due for release August 25th. I am pleased to tell you that I will be bringing you this awesome album today.

Domino – Kicking things off is this punchy foot stomper that gives us a solid snare drum groove that lets this smouldering beast come to life. The smokey deep melodic vocals are oozing from the track and instantly take us to another place feel the emotion coming from this fantastic musician, we have slick sweet guitar licks that are wrapping themselves around this gritty rock n roll track as the tempo changes and give us a pounding bass kick that really takes control of this killer track. Bass grooves are dropping dark, delicious tones that really give this track swagger and attitude as we tap our feet to this gritty rocker track that is oozing quality as Morgan kicks in the doors and really lets us have it from this opening salvo that is just fantastic and what we have come to expect from this mesmerising musician.

80s Movie – Punchy bass kick gets us up and running as a full bassline comes at us with killer tunes that just allow this track the room it needs to grow. The vocals are just incredible as they drive this pop-infused track onwards as the snare drum punches surround us and let this fantastic arrangement flourish, the piano tones are really bringing a freshness that works so well in this ’80s-inspired piece that just works. The rhythm section is handing us solid beats that take this track in another direction as we stand back and soak up the talent that is pouring from this fantastic record tonight, there is a real crisp, clean edgy feel to this record that just lets us know that Morgan has come out swinging with this fantastic follow up.

Losers Like Me – Tambourine hits let this dark groove-laden track tell its own story as the music builds and brings cymbal snaps that bring snare drum punches that let the colossal vocals take this track upwards. The slick cool guitar riffs are dark, and deep and have a real swagger that allows this track to bring Morgan to our attention, this is a real slick, gritty rasping groove laden rocker track that just catches us off guard as we stamp our feet to this sludgy groove. Basslines are handing us meaty funk grooves that are like delicious dark chocolate as they drive this cool edgy track onwards.

Roman Candle – Piano tones are pushing their way to the front as this smouldering track hits us with incredible vocals that just erupt all through the intro as we get a melodic tone that just flows effortlessly through this awesome country-infused track. The rhythm section is coming through with solid snare drum beats that have cymbal snaps that let this sweet cool track take us on the journey with Morgan as she offloads with killer vocals that are like walking into a smoke-filled club and hearing these incredible notes that give you shivers from the get-go. Guitar licks are giving us cool slide guitar notes that just give this track depth and soul that has you reaching for the repeat button.

Guns & Roses – Epic piano tones hit us from the off as we get soulful vocals that fit this arrangement perfectly as we change direction and get a darker side to this incredible musician. There is a haunting stringed section that really lifts this track as we get a whole new tone oozing from this sweet soulful musician, we are standing captivated by this musician as you just feel a part of the journey as Morgan drives this epic track onwards. The composition is dark, delicious, and thought-provoking and just ticks all the boxes as she really digs deep and gives us her all in this mesmerising piece that is just incredible.

Alanis – A gritty rasping guitar lick opens this track to let us get the feel of this awesome songstress as she really comes up trumps with this foot-stomping dark rocker track. The rhythm section is hitting us with snare drum beats that really let this track breathe let me tell you as we run freely with this soulful musician as she delivers sweet sweet music that is just whetting our appetites for what is left on this epic follow-up record. The cool slick guitar licks are giving this track a real funk groove that fits Morgan’s tone to a tee, we are flowing along nicely as this fantastic record is peeling back the layers and giving us an insight into this fantastic musician as she takes us on the journey with her which delivers harmonica notes that finish this track in style.

Phantom Feelings – The album brings us a sweet cool strumming groove as the acoustic tones flow effortlessly through this melodic toe-tapper track. The colossal vocals really lift this track and let us feel the emotion coming from this exciting artist as the rhythm section gives us bass kicks and cymbal snaps that work well with the bassline as it drops soulful tones that are letting this track build and build as we really get into this solid bluesy slab of rock n roll with a twist of melodic licks that really works and then some. The whole arrangement is a take on those summer days that were full of groove and melodic lyrics that were wrapped in epic acoustic strumming tones.

Psychopath – Dark melodic vocals are pouring from the off as the acoustic strumming tones get this track off the ground as the rhythm section comes at us with snare drum beats that just let this track do its thing. The bassline is dropping dark cool grooves on us as this emotion-filled track comes to life and really lets us know that there is no stopping this colossal force of nature as she brings us hit after hit from this well-balanced slab of music that is just incredible. The soulful tones that are hitting us just let us feel the ease that is coming from this album.

Outrun Me – Haunting mellow vocals are coming through and just let this track tell its own story as Morgan brings sweetness to this thought-provoking number. The sweet bass kicks are letting the tone wash over us as the deep crisp guitar licks really build through this classy number, we are feeling the love oozing from this track as we imagine ourselves in the same spot as we just let the groove take us along for the ride and see where we end up. The musicianship is just insane as we get depth and emotion pouring from every note in this sweet punchy track that brings in cool synth notes that really let us wander and lose ourselves for sure.

Want – A direction change comes in as Morgan takes us to the deep south and brings her soulful sassy vocals that just elevate this track to another level. The cool piano tones are mixing with Hammond-style keys that let this foot-stomping track do its thing, we are just standing back and feeling the soulful groove take us to another place as the band just up their game in this epic arrangement that really gives us what we came for tonight, emotion, swagger and bags of groove from this exciting musician as she really delivers. mind-blowing vocals that just melt all over this real emotion-filled track as we just lose ourselves in these lyrics that deliver a cool dose of soul that tells us that this exciting musician has just done what we thought she would do, deliver a stunning follow-up to her epic album Reckless.

Fall In Love With Me – The track begins with sweet cool acoustic picks that allow this classy track to bring this music to life, we get a punchy bass kick that gives this arrangement some depth. The soulful bluesy vocals really grab us and let this foot-stamping track tell its own story as the whole piece just comes to life with slick, sweet tones that really catch our attention. There is real depth to this track as we feel the emotion oozing from this charismatic musician as she shows her softer, fun side in this tongue-in-cheek track that is all about fantasy and love with someone next door that just lets our imagination run wild. The whole track is a really sweet fun composition that just allows us to get that summertime feeling as we let our imagination run wild.

Meet Somebody – Dark cool slick guitar riffs erupt from the outset as this meaty beast rears its head and brings depth and swagger to this fantastic track. We get rasping melodic vocals that are wrapped in solid snare drum beats that bring in bass kicks that control the groove as it wanders freely through this awesome piece of music. We get killer basslines that are handing us mellow funk tones that really take this crunching monster to another level as the thundering punches keep coming in this dark groover track, there is something special about this young lady as she gives us 100% of her way through this killer album that will give us all a chance to revel in the dark melodic side of this awesome musician.

27 Club – Acoustic strumming chords make themselves known to us as this awesome track comes to life as we get soulful sweet vocals that really bring it tonight. Bass kicks are wandering through the track just as cool bass grooves come in and really capture the essence of this soulful songstress, we are just floating off and letting the groove take us to another place as this ballad track just wraps itself around us as this exciting musician really lays herself bare for us tonight. Piano tones are silky smooth and really take this track off somewhere as the tempo comes through and gives us snare drum punches that just let this track give us a really cool tone that is a fantastic way to finish this fantastic follow-up.

Morgan Wade  –

                         Morgan Wade  –  Vocals / Guitar

Track Listing  –


                      80’s Movie

                      Losers Like Me

                      Roman Candle

                      Guns & Roses


                      Phantom Feelings


                      Outrun Me


                      Fall In Love With Me

                      Meet Somebody

                      27 Club

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