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by Lalu

Review for Jace Media by Mick Sayce

Being somewhat different to the kind of music I normally listen to and review, I was quite interested as to why I had been asked. So here we go.

Lalu the band takes it’s name from Vivien Lalu, a French keyboard player who has been spreading the musical word for his own style of prog metal rock, which is a mix of seventies style brought forward and messed about with for the modern audience.

Starting off with a digital-age keyboard call tone to a video of an old dial phone, the track soon introduces the keyboard that Lalu is apparently famous for. He cites Yes as one of his most important musical influences, and this is obvious from the start. With fingerwork that is similar in style to Rick Wakeman’s soaring melodies, he plays behind the lyrics that are a slightly bizarre mix of spoken and sung; at one stage even London street names and partial phone numbers are spoken as part of the song. Even the guitarist gets in on the Yes vibe with his somewhat higher-pitched strings.

The video accompanying the song is a mix of band members playing, split screens and identifiable London scenes running at different film speeds.

Altogether different and a bit strange, if I’m honest, I think it will have more of a niche following rather than a mainstream fanbase but there again, what do I know?

The single was released on 10th August and taken from the album ‘The Fish Who Wanted To Be King’ which is due for release on 20th October this year.

Current band members:-

Vivien Lalu, keyboard

Martin LeMar, vocals

Simone Mularoni, guitar

Virgil Donati, drums

Mike LePond, bass

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