Electrifying Single – “Sick of Myself” by Electric Black

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Release Date: September 01, 2023 Genre: Hard Rock

Review by Halina Wegner

Hailing from Hertfordshire, Electric Black their new single “Sick of Myself,” a hard-hitting track that showcases their prowess in the hard rock genre. Released on September 1st, this song undoubtedly leaves a memorable mark with its explosive energy and skilful execution.

“Sick of Myself” immediately grabs the listener’s attention with a thunderous opening riff and a pounding drum beat that sets the tone for the rest of the track. The guitar work is undeniably the standout element here, driving the song forward with a blend of crunchy riffs and searing solos that pay homage to the classic hard rock sound while infusing it with their own modern twist. The band’s musicality is evident in the tightness of their performance, revealing a group that has honed their craft and is ready to make a lasting impact.

Vocally, Electric Black delivers a powerful performance that complements the instrumentation perfectly. The lead vocalist’s gritty and passionate delivery adds an emotional layer to the song, effectively conveying the frustration and intensity of the lyrics. The chorus, in particular, is both catchy and anthemic, making it easy for listeners to sing along and become fully immersed in the track’s energy.

In conclusion, Electric Black’s new single “Sick of Myself” is an introduction to a band that will make waves in the hard rock scene. With its electrifying riffs, compelling vocals, and relatable lyrics, the track demonstrates a mature level of musicianship and a firm grasp of the genre’s core elements. Keep an eye on Electric Black, as they’re clearly poised to carve out a space for themselves in the world of hard rock.

Electric Black is:

Ali Shiach (Vocals + Guitar)

Jonny Bryant (Lead Guitar + Vocals)

Ryan Trotman (Bass + Vocals)

Matt Butler (Drums + Percussion)

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