Nothing More – Spirits (Live)

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Review By Darren McIntyre

Nothing More is an Alt Rock / Alt Metal / Hard Rock / Prog Metal band from San Antonio, Texas originally formed in 2003. 

The band like most have gone through some changes in personnel and like most has kept the music as their main focus and this drives their passion. In doing this the band delivered to us Shelter in 2004, Save You / Save Me in 2007, The Few Not Fleeting in 2009, Nothing More in 2014, The Stories We Tell Ourselves in 2017 & Spirits in 2022.

The boys have rocked with the big guns and shared the stages with acts such as Thirty Seconds To Mars, Disturbed, Chevelle, Ghost & Papa Roach and have recently gone on a co-headline tour with Asking Alexandria across the USA, the band drop epic new live single Spirits from their outstanding last record Spirits.

Please settle in as I take us through this epic new track.

Spirits – Shredding power riffed chords break the silence as Jonny comes at us with his soulful rocking vocals that let this track erupt with a mesmerising, dark, deep, meaty bassline that just elevates this punchy beast to another level. We get a pounding rhythm section that hits us with solid snare drum beats and thundering bass kicks that are followed by epic cymbal crashes that really let this track cut loose, we have fantastic sampler tones running freely through this fantastic arrangement that really kicks in the doors and gives us a real uncut look at these boys as they lay bare in this classic composition. The tempo changes and we get a real rasping guitar lick that has the engine room working overtime as Ben kicks off with thundering beats that let this track explode and really leave its mark, we are taking in the atmosphere of this colossal piece of music that is building and building as it readies us for a crushing beat that is surrounded by fantastic musicianship that really takes this track to another place. The boys are digging deep and deliver a crisp, solid ear crunching track that is of epic proportions and really tells us that these boys are bringing it and then some.

Nothing More  –

                        Jonny Hawkins  –  Vocals

                        Mark Vollelunga  –  Guitar

                        Daniel Oliver  –  Bass

                        Ben Anderson  –  Drums

Track Listing  –


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