Conquer // Divide – Newhaven

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Single Review – mascot label group

Review By Darren McIntyre

Conquer // Divide are a metalcore / post-hardcore 5 piece all-female band from Michigan, United States whose members hail from the United States, United Kingdom & Canada who formed in 2013 but the concept of the band has existed since 2005.

The girls like a lot of bands have gone through some changes in personnel but this has added fuel to their fire and has enabled them to bring us their blistering debut record Conquer // Divide in 2015, fast forward a few years and the girls are ready themselves for their epic follow up in the form of Slow Burn which is due for release on September 8th, to wet our appetites for the impending release they bring us their opening single Newhaven which I will be reviewing for you today.

Newhaven – From the outset, we get sampler grooves that work well with the clean vocals that are oozing from this foot-stomping beast as it warms up. The pounding kick from the rhythm section is deep and brings swagger to this killer arrangement as we get a full-on bassline that drops sweet meaty funk grooves that just let this track breathe. The slick guitar riffs are slowly ripping through this fantastic composition as we get a break in the tempo as cool harmony vocals ring through the midsection as this fist-pumping rocker track just takes us to another place. We are listening intently as the groove takes us one way then the next as the girls build in confidence and really open the track midway through this killer track, we are getting a cool bass kick that really delivers a fantastic beat that just wraps itself around this cool track. The girls are really coming together and blend depth, swagger and bags of attitude that make this track sing from the off.

Conquer // Divide  –

                              Kiarely ‘ Kia ‘ Castillo  –  Clean Vocals

                              Janel Duarte  –  Unclean Vocals / Backing Vocals / Bass

                              Kristin Sturgis  –  Rhythm Guitar / Lead Guitar

                              Isabel ‘ Izzy ‘ Johnson  –  Lead Guitar

                              Samantha ‘ Sam ‘ Landa  –  Drums

Track Listing  –                       Newhaven

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