Erja Lyytinen – Crosstown Traffic

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Review By Darren McIntyre

Internationally acclaimed guitarist/singer/songwriter Erja Lyytinen brings us her highly anticipated 4th live album Diamonds On The Road which drops on the 6th of October.

Diamonds On The Road features the old, the new, the borrowed & the blues, the setlist was a selection of songs from her latest studio cut Waiting For The Daylight and her favourite old songs, the first track lifted from the new record  You Talk Dirty was reviewed by myself back in July, to follow that we have the Jimi Hendrix classic Crosstown Traffic which sees Erja dropping some mighty chops all through this blistering new offering.

The new album drops on the 6th of October and will be followed by a tour through November, please sit back as I walk us through this colossal new offering.

Crosstown Traffic –  The track opens with Erja slipping and sliding her guitar with a real funky edgy groove that lets the track open into a full-on slide fest that gets the juices flowing and then some. The punchy rhythm section comes at us with a solid snare drum beat that is surrounded with sizzling groovy keys that just elevate this epic tune to another level as Erja’s husky vocals break the silence and really let this track do its thing. We have full-on basslines that are wrapping themselves around this in-your-face live beast that really captures this astonishing lady in all her glory as she puts her spin on this classic rock track that just kicks in the doors and brings the very best in Erja as she drops slick, clean, swaggering licks to this awesome piece of music that just pops. The epic production is live and bringing the rock n roll groove to a real classy track that is building with every note pouring from the stage tonight, Erja slips into rock star mode and offloads with slide guitar licks that bring sizzle to this track as she invites the crowd to join in and really make this recording something special, the rhythm section breaks down the midsection and lets the keys ripple through the track and let the magic happen, an awesome rendition that just does what it says on the tin, nothing more to say.

Erja Lyytinen  –

                       Erja Lyytinen  –  Guitar / Vocals

                       Tatu Back  –  Bass / Backing Vocals

                       Petri Rahikkola  –  Keys

                       Liro Laitinen  –  Drums

Track Listing  –

                      Crosstown Traffic

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