Electric Boys – ‘Grand Explosivos’

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Funk Metal

Mighty Music

Release Date – September 15th 2023

Review by Snudge

Hold on to your hats because the party has started. A new Electric Boys album signals the good times are about to roll. Formed in Sweden in 1987 and still featuring original members Conny Bloom and Andy Christell we get the original funk rockers who also crank out some major classic rock.

No hanging about on ‘When Life Treats You Funky’ it gets straight to the point on a hard funkin’ groove with a gang chorus and loads of those tasty fills that Bloom is renowned for. ‘Better Safe Than Sober’ is punky dumb ass rock n roll before the hard rockin’ ‘I’ve Got A Feelin’’’ with its gritty vocal and catchy melody. ‘And The Band Played On Part 1’ brings Little Feat into the equation with a down-home riff and a real Dr John New Orleans feel. ‘Domestic Blitz’ is equal parts Hendrix and AC/DC then we go blues rock on ‘Karma’s Gonna Get You’ which is bound to get you moving.

‘Learjet’ is a glam stomper that’s bound to go down well live before the 70’s pop rock of ‘Missed Her By A Minute’. Wanna groove and get proper funky? ‘Cozmic Jagger’ is the answer and will get your Dad dancing then ‘The Great Believer’ will get you headbanging, it’s dark and serious with a multi-voice vocal and some more of those superb fills and leads from Bloom. ‘And The Band Played On Part 2’ is a 90-second reprise that takes us out.

No messin’ just great good time rock n roll. Sleazy, funky and bluesy all turned up to the max. I wouldn’t say life has been kind to the voices but at least they’re raw and honest which suits the music and grooves perfectly. Another quality record from a quality band.

Track List –

1 – When Life Treats You Funky

2 – Better Safe Than Sober

3 – I’ve Got A Feelin’

4 – And The Band Played On Part 1

5 – Domestic Blitz

6 – Karma’s Gonna Get You

7 – Learjet

8 – Missed Her By A Minute

9 – Cozmic Jagger

10 – The Great Believer

11 – And The Band Played On Part 2


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