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‘Fight Me, Erebus’

Review for Jace Media by Mick Sayce

Reading their brief bio, Rabbit Junk was formed in 2004 in Seattle by husband and wife team JP Anderson and Jennifer “Sum Grrl” Bernert. Their style is given as industrial metal although this is not evident at the beginning of the track. It starts like an epic film score with a strong guitar backed up by a three-note drum beat. Soon though, after an initial voicing of the chorus line, ‘I Am Alone?’ the whole direction of the music changes. Instead of slow, methodical drumming, the beat drives its way into a heavy drum and bass pairing so loved by metal artists everywhere.

Suddenly, deep-throated, guttural lyrics enter the arena followed by another chorus before the whole song changes to a more sedate tempo. But don’t be fooled, the heavy beat is soon back in the ascendancy and carries on, with another couple of short changes, until the end.

At about two-thirds of the way through, the ‘epic film score’ section is back for a short while before the chorus lyrics re-emerge.

The lyrics are more minimal than most singles but that does not detract from the overall impression. The ongoing ‘Am I Alone?’ is asking if, in this digital age, is everybody really connected or just a group of individuals pretending.

A fascinating conundrum.

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