Crocus Biflorus by Miss Vain

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Review for Jace Media by Mick Sayce

According to the internet ‘Crocus Biflorus ‘Miss Vain’ is a traditional pure-white crocus plant with yellow-orange stamens.’  This makes this Finnish metal band Miss Vain somewhat unusual in their chosen genre by having a name that does not really provide a clue to their musical style. Unusual, but at the same time, effective in its uniqueness.

There are four tracks on the EP -see list below- and while the overall effect leans on the side of similarity, each is different.

From a discordant opening few bars on One to Burn it soon moves into a fast-paced metal instrumental section before the lyrics take over and completely change the tempo. Slowly the speed changes and by the end of the first verse, the track is back up to full speed. A mix of spoken and sung lyrics follows before the obligatory guitar solo comes in. The second track -All the Same- sounds like it was influenced by the likes of Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit with its use of growling bass lines, deep drumming and almost shouted lyrics. Track three -Leap of Failed- is more of a wailing 70’s guitar style and the occasional thrash-sounding vocal lines mixed in with more natural voices. The fourth and final track -Song of Solitude- is about as haunting as metal can get, with the backing for the vocals alternating between a single guitar to a full-on band backing sound.

Overall impressions, an interesting collaboration between the various musical styles mentioned above, all of which work well together within the framework of the respective tracks.


Miss Vain band members are currently Mikko Vilkman on vocals, Kasperi Kinnunen and Anssi Liikanen play guitar, Eetu Halttunen on bass, and Sasu Haveri plays drums.

1. One to Burn
2. All the Same
3. Leap of Failed
4. Song of Solitude

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