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Review by Halina Wegner

The House We Built by Nobody’s Fool is a refreshing and energetic single that showcases the dynamic talents of the Scarborough-based rock band. The track “Nobody’s Fool” not only brings their signature sound to the forefront but also presents a creative and imaginative take on the Eighties era. The accompanying video, which playfully reinterprets the Eighties through the lens of contemporary youth, adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the overall experience.

The band’s vibrant performance and seamless musical chemistry shine through, capturing the essence of their rock style. The song’s infectious energy and catchy hooks immediately grab your attention, making it a standout. Nobody’s Fool demonstrates the band’s ability to infuse their music with a sense of nostalgia while keeping it relevant and appealing to a modern audience.

Incorporating both nostalgia and a youthful spirit, The House We Built’s “Nobody’s Fool” is a testament to the band’s creative prowess and their knack for producing music that resonates with listeners across generations. It’s a must-listen for fans of rock music looking for a blend of the past and the present in a single captivating package.


Now available on all digital platforms

Tour Dates

July 29th – Meadowfest // Malton, North Yorkshire

August 5th – The Patriot // Wales (supporting King Kraken)

September 1st – Nene Valley Rock Festival // Peterborough

September 3rd – The Fulford Arms // York

October 8th – Guildhall // Gloucester (supporting FM)

November 2nd – Hard Rock Hell // Great Yarmouth
November 10th – Rockmantic Weekender // Yardbirds, Grimsby
November 25th – The Hive // Bridge Inn, Rotherham
November 28th – Nightrain // Bradford (supporting Tyketto)
November 30th – Queens Hall // Nuneaton (supporting Tyketto)
December 1st – Planet Rockstock // Trecco Bay, South Wales
December 2nd – Yardbirds // Grimsby (supporting Tyketto)
December 3rd – The Waterloo // Blackpool (supporting Tyketto)
December 21st – Trillians Rock Bar // Newcastle

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