Imperial Tide – King Of The Gutter

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Single Review -mascot label group

Review By Darren McIntyre

Imperial Tide are metallic / hardcore / punk-infused 5 piece unit from Las Vegas, Nevada, and Los Angeles, California whose aim is to bring us an exercise in bombastic creative freedom. The group of 5 childhood friends brandish a hypercharged, relentless & adrenalized style that aims to bring us a ‘no rules’ attitude throughout their songwriting. The boys drop their new EP Existence In Crisis and from that comes lead single King Of The Gutter which I will be reviewing for you today.

King Of The Gutter – The track opens with a solid sampler groove that descends into a full-on thundering beat from the rhythm section that just kicks in the doors and lets this eruption happen. The rasping gritty vocals ooze into the track as the pounding double bass kicks rain down on us This electrifying beast brings the heat as the boys hit the ground running and really give it to us, We have a colossal bassline that is just handing us a meaty funk groove that mixes with the crashing cymbal beats that are dropping all through this epic arrangement. The tempo changes pace as the sampler tones mix with the gritty rasping guitar licks that are smashing through this high-energy piece that just slaps you across the face and really brings us a full-on dark, melodic shuddering juggernaut that is giving and giving as we stamp our feet to this fabulous rumbling composition that will have you reaching for the repeat button for sure.

Imperial Tide  –

                       Landon Hill  –  Vocals

                       William Barber  –  Guitar

                       Keene Dadlan  –  Guitar

                       Tanner Galambas  –  Bass

                       Russell Schoenbeck  –  Drums

Track Listing  –                       King Of The Gutter

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