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Review and Photos by Paul McWilliams

Support Old Ben

A relatively new band Old Ben formed in 2018 came on stage and started playing and made people stop talking and listen with their rock sound and birdies gravely vocals. 

This is a new band one on me and one that I will be seeing again. Given that they only started in 2018 and were hit like everyone else with the Covid quarantine they were tight like a band that has been on the circuit for years.

Influenced by all the big rock bands elements of of that could be heard with great bass lines hard drum beats and hard-hitting guitar licks.

A three-piece that you would be forgiven for thinking they were a four-piece with the rich deep rock sound. As more people entered the venue more and more stopped to listen instead of going straight to the bar for drinks. Overall a fantastic band and a great set. One to look out for 

Set List

Rollin Up The Hill

Can You Feel The Rain

The River

Two Blue Eyes

Queen Of Hearts

Servants Of The Sun

Angels & Demons

CAST – Headline

A sell-out crowd could only mean Cast are in town. The Picturedome, Holmfirth was the place to be tonight

Hitting the stage with Timebomb the crowd erupted and Cast responded.  The atmosphere in the air was electric. Cast have been around for a long time and you can tell with the performance, tight and exactly what the crowd expected. Hit after hit with barely a break in between each song, John Power isn’t much for speaking with the odd comment here and there he lets the music speak for itself with the hard-hitting melodies that you cannot help but dance to. As an encore they came back on with Free Me and with no break straight into Alright which made the crowd go wild.

A fantastic performance as always.  A great night was had by all. It’s great having such a well-known band in a small venue.  More should do that and keep these venues going as you are right up and personal with the artists.

Set List


Do That

Four Walls

Promised Land


Fine Time

I’m So Lonely

Magic Hour

Live The Dream


Tell It Like It Is


Beat Mamma


Guiding Star

Two Of A Kind

Free Me


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