Hell In The Club – ‘F.U.B.A.R’

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Hard Rock

Frontiers Music Srl

Release Date – August 11th 2023

Review By Smudge

Hell In The Club is an Italian hard rock n roll machine that features members who also play the likes of Elvenking and Secret Sphere so this is very different to their ‘day jobs’. This is very much back-to-basics rock n roll rather than the folk metal and prog metal of those mentioned above.

An often-used riff kicks off ‘Sidonie’ but Hell In The Club make it sound fresh and killer when added to the excellent catchy vocal melody which is a theme that runs throughout this release. ‘The Arrival’ gets heavier but is no less melodic and all driven by Andy’s bass and some caustic leads from Picco. ‘Total Disaster’ ups the pace with a dark rocker and again Andy leads the way on the verses and Dave shows his impressive range. Things get glammy and slammy with the latest single ‘The Kid’ grooving along on a huge melody before the glam/sleaze of ‘Best Way Of Life’ rattles along with a snotty-nosed attitude.

The sleaze continues on the more metallic ‘Cimitero Vivente’ (roughly translated as a living cemetery) with its massive chorus that will get you singing along immediately. ‘Sleepless’ allows Picco to play with his fretboard before they settle into an Extreme groove before things get darker and heavier on ‘The End Of All’ but what a mighty groove they create then ‘Undertaker’ brings some heavy rock n roll. ‘Tainted Sky’ is some crowd-friendly simple dumb-ass dirty rock that’s bound to go down well live.

The final cut ‘Embrace The Sacrifice’ is the most left-field of them all – very dark and heavy with some great melodies and superb harmony vocals.

This is the band’s sixth album, and I would dare to say that it’s without a doubt the best they’ve done so far. Four world-class musicians having fun seeing what they can come up with. Nothing too po-faced or self-indulgent just some good-time heavy rock which was probably what inspired them to pick up their instruments in the first place. If you fancy hearing some great riffs and melodies, then pick this up – you won’t be disappointed.

Track List –

1 – Sidonie

2 – The Arrival

3 – Total Disaster

4 – The Kid

5 – Best Way Of Life

6 – Cimitero Vivente

7 – Sleepless

8 – The End Of All

9 – Undertaker

10 – Tainted Sky

11 – Embrace The Sacrifice


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