The Record Company – Dance On Mondays

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Review By Darren McIntyre

The Record Company are a Grammy-nominated power trio from Los Angeles, California formed in 2011 and cites artists such as Lohn Lee Hooker, The Stooges & The Rolling Stones as major influences on their musical journey. The Boys have played concert halls across North America and have opened for the likes of John Mayer, BB King, Social Distortion, Buddy Guy, Bob Segar, Grace Potter & Trombone Shortly. The boys toured Europe with Blackberry Smoke and they have given us Give It Back To You in 2016, All Of This Life in 2018, Play Loud in 2021 and they present us with The 4th Album in September 2023, from that new record comes opening single Dance On Mondays which I will be reviewing for you today.

Dance On Mondays – Boom, straight outta the gate comes a southern swagger bassline that just kicks you in the crotch to let you know it has arrived. Soulful vocals with a little rasping tone come hurtling towards us as this real foot-stomping blues eruption hits us square in the face with its fuzzy groove that just keeps on giving, we have a funky snare drum beat that brings bass kicks that really let the rhythm section do its thing and lets the cymbal crashes take us down the road. A slick sweet slide guitar lick pours in and really sets the tone for this funkalicious groove that is kicking in the doors and really delivering a meaty beat that just allows us to feel this colossal beat that is breaking through and handing us a real killer track that is like delicious dark chocolate that is rich and has depth, body and heaps of attitude. We are slapping our thighs with joy as this pulsing groove just takes us to another place and lets these boys take us home.

The Record Company  –

                                     Chris Vos  –  Lead Guitar / Vocals / Harmonica

                                     Alex Stiff  –  Bass / Backing Vocals

                                     Marc Cazorla  –  Drums / Backing Vocals

Track Listing  –                       Dance On Mondays

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