Mason Hill’s Scott Taylor makes announcement to leave the band

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Report and Photographs by Linda McDermott

Scott Taylor, Mason Hill’s frontman, is leaving the band after a recent health scare shortly after playing Firevolt festival in August. Diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation, a condition that causes an irregular and often fast heartbeat, dizziness and shortness of breath, with initial treatment coming in the form of medication to control the heart rate and rhythm.

Scott says “it is with a heavy heart that I must announce I am leaving Mason Hill. It has been a fantastic journey with many great moments but right now I just need to take time to re-evaluate my career path.” They were due to play Stonedead festival but decided to cancel their appearance because of this turn of events, with Florence Black stepping into their slot. They are still due to play Winter Storm on 25th Nov but as yet there has been no announcement as to whether this will go ahead or not.

Mason Hill played an amazing set at the Firevolt festival, filling the big tent to capacity and enjoying the appreciation of the large crowd gathered to hear them. Little did we know that it was to be the last time we would see them with their current lineup. They played a few of the new songs from their forthcoming 2nd album which they will now be completing with a new singer, once they’ve found him or her!

It’s now a case of watching this space to see what transpires. I don’t think it’s the last we will see of either the band or Scott Taylor, and I wish them all the best of luck with their future plans.

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