King Falcon – Rabbit Gets The Gun

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King Falcon is a New York-based up-tempo trio who brings us ultra-catchy songwriting which melds classic rock swagger with indie-rock adventurousness. James & Michael began their journey in music as hatchling birds of 12 & 15 respectively playing in a band called The Inoculated Canaries, the boys fledged around New York City plying their trade and captured drumming powerhouse Tom and King Falcon. The boys have been working hard to bring us a solid slab of rock n roll and give us our debut album King Falcon which is 11 tracks of ferocious foot-stomping riffs that will really get us in the mood, The album has dropped singles Ready Set Go & Cadillac and today they bring us the third triumph in the form of Rabbit Gets The Gun which I will be bringing you today.

Rabbit Gets The Gun – Uptempo synth tones stream from the outset as a funky snare drum beat echoes all around us as this foot-stomping rock roller lets rip. The crunching guitar riffs are letting this classy beast bring us deep oozing basslines that wrap themselves around this emo / dark gritty track as it builds and builds with a slick melodic feel that lets the vocals ooze towards us. The tone is a real uplifting fist-pumping beast that gives us a cool rhythm section that commands respect as it takes this track to another place delivering us a punchy groove-related track that is fun, melodic and just a good old-fashioned piece of rock n roll that lets the boys express themselves as they take this catchy toe-tapper and spin it with classy riffs and pounding beats.

King Falcon  –

                     Michael Rubin  –  Guitar / Vocals

                     James Terranova  –  Bass

                     Tom Diognardi  –  Drums

Track Listing  –                       Rabbit Gets The Gun

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