Jack J Hutchinson Single release: Constellations

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Review by Glen Parkes

“Constellations,” the opening track from Jack J Hutchinson’s album ‘Battles,’ sets the stage with a bang. This review delves into the song’s composition, style, and overall impact:

“Constellations” offers an intriguing glimpse into Jack J. Hutchinson’s creative process. The fact that it was the first track written for the album adds depth to the listening experience. The evolution of the song, from its initial slower, bluesy incarnation to the high-octane, in-your-face rocker that it became, highlights the transformative power of music production. Producer Josiah Manning’s role in shaping the track showcases the collaborative spirit of the music-making process.

The song doesn’t waste any time grabbing the listener’s attention. With powerful rock guitar riffs and Jack’s impassioned vocals, “Constellations” immediately establishes its energy and intensity. The concert-style lighting in the accompanying 4K video directed by Kris Barras adds a visual dimension that complements the fast-paced nature of the song.

Jack J. Hutchinson’s guitar skills shine through in the song, particularly in his power solo on lead guitar. The three-piece band, including Phil Wilson on drums and Charlie Rachael Kay on bass, creates a powerful and driving rhythm that adds to the song’s impact.

In summary, “Constellations” by Jack J. Hutchinson is a dynamic and transformative rock track that serves as a compelling introduction to his album ‘Battles.’ It encapsulates themes of resilience and defiance while showcasing Hutchinson’s musical prowess and commitment to honest songwriting. This song is likely to resonate with fans of rock music who appreciate powerful guitar work and meaningful lyrics.

Album: Battles
Label: Earache Digital Distribution
Release Date: 9th Feb, 2024

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