THE VOYNICH CODE Descend Into Darkness With New Single & Video

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Descend Into Darkness With New Single & Video


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Out October 13th Via Unique Leader Records

The Voynich Code | Download HERE
Tuesday, September 12th, 2023 – Portuguese extreme metal juggernaut, THE VOYNICH CODE have dropped their latest single “A Flicker of Life”, taken from their upcoming album ‘Insomnia’ due out October 13th via Unique Leader Records. The nightmarish track offers a glimpse into the band’s most ferocious and ambitious release yet. Listen to the new track HERE. Pre-Order the album HERE and watch the video for ‘A Flickr Of LifeHERE.   Elaborating on their latest single, THE VOYNICH CODE share   “‘Flickr of Life’ delves into the contrasting worlds of sleep and wakefulness. It’s about the unexpected moments when we’re jolted from a dream, revealing a reality that feels more like a nightmare. For many, the comfort found in sleep is a brief escape, but there’s always that small reminder, a flicker, that brings us back to our daily challenges.”
Blending death metal, deathcore, and progressive metal, THE VOYNICH CODE brings technical guitar riffs, precise drums, atmospheric keyboards, and guttural vocals together into an unpredictable and boundary-pushing sound. Since emerging in 2014 with debut single “Antithesis”, the band has built a dedicated fanbase and earned critical praise, including comparisons to genre leaders like Thy Art Is Murder.   Their crushing 2017 debut LP “Aqua Vitae” provided opportunity for extensive European tours, festival appearances, and a headlining tour of Japan and Asia. Now signed to Unique Leader Records, THE VOYNICH CODE is poised for their biggest milestone yet with “Insomnia”.   The 10-track album sees the band push their signature sound even further into dynamic new territory. Fans can preorder now at HERE for its October 13th release.   Speaking on their impending new album, the band share   “Our new album, Insomnia, is a harrowing journey into the darkest recesses of sleep-deprivation and its unrelenting grip on life. Our lyrics delve into the nightmarish realms of disrupted rest. This album paints a vivid tapestry of how sleep problems can wreak havoc on the sanctity of the human experience. Collaborating with Caelan Stokkermans, our artwork resurrects the enigmatic Hypnos, the Greek god of sleep, characterized by the emblematic wing at his temple. The haunting asp, echoing Cleopatra’s tragic end, seamlessly meshes with the chalice and nightingale motifs, drawing from the ancient Greek Cyranides. It’s a tale of a sleep god cursed with endless wakefulness, desperately seeking relief in poison as the world crumbles around him. This album, crafted over three arduous years, is our most ferocious yet—marked by blazing guitar riffs, unyielding blast beats, and a sweeping orchestration that pushes the boundaries of death metal and deathcore. The backing from Unique Leader Records has been instrumental, and we eagerly await to finally bring you new music coming out October 13th.”   Stay tuned for more from the fast-rising Portuguese metal innovators coming soon.

The Voynich Code Insomnia Track List   1 – Hypnopompic 2 – Slaves To A Machine 3 – A Flickr Of Life 4 – Homecoming 5 – Insomnia 6 – Hell’s Black Heart 7 – The Art Of War 8 – Sleep Paralysis 9 – A Dying Age 10 – A Letter To My Future Self

ABOUT THE VOYNICH CODE   Coming straight from the warm city of Lisbon, Portugal, THE VOYNICH CODE is a four-piece deathcore band that masterfully blends elements of Death Metal, Deathcore, and Progressive Metal to deliver an enthralling and unpredictable sound.THE VOYNICH CODE is characterized by its blend of technical proficiency and emotional depth with heavy guitar riffs, groovy drums and mysterious keyboards that are sure to captivate the fans of heavy music.   The band’s debut 2014 single, “Antithesis,” quickly garnered them a loyal following of fans and critical acclaim from the press. Their momentum continued to build with their first international performance at the prestigious UK Tech Fest in 2015.   The band’s first full-length album, “Aqua Vitae,” dropped in 2017, receiving high praise from notable publications such as Metal Hammer and Metal Sucks. The debut album provided the opportunity to tour Europe extensively, including supporting The Faceless on their album release tour, performing at major festivals like Resurrection Fest 2018 and UK Tech Fest 2018, and headlining a tour in Japan, Asia.   In 2021, the band unleashed their highly anticipated second EP, “Post Mortem,” which showcased the truest and rawest representation of their sound yet. The record takes the listener on a journey through a more mature death metal style, pushing the boundaries with melodic guitar solos, fast drum patterns, and straight-to-your-face vocals.   The band signed to Unique Leader Records in the summer of 2023, marking one of the biggest moves in their career, and will be releasing their highly anticipated new album, ‘Insomnia’ on October 13th, 2023. With this new partnership, THE VOYNICH CODE is poised to reach even greater heights and solidify their position as one of the most exciting and innovative bands in the genre.

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