Triskelyon – ‘Artificial Insanity’

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Melodic Thrash

Moribund Records

Release Date – September 8th 2023

Triskelyon is a multi-metal multi-voiced metal project developed in the crazy Canadian mind of guitarist Geoff Waye (Category VI). He has enlisted the great and the good of Canadian metal to assist on this sophomore effort but don’t ask me who is on which track because I dunno. The fun thing about this release is you never know what’s coming next. You could get some thrash, some traditional metal or some death metal – just know it’s going to be class.

We start with a massive slice of power metal on opener ‘Tektyranny’ then it’s the thrashtastic ‘At War With Demons’ where Waye tears the arse out of the riff and melts your face with the solo. Whoever is singing has one set of pipes that nearly shattered my wife’s best-cut crystal. ‘Bringers Of Chaos’ is a huge chunk of chugging traditional metal that could easily have come from any of the NWOBHM bands. The trad metal continues on ‘Is Hope Still Alive’ which is kinda of creepy before more thrash/crossover on ‘Obsolescence’. ‘

One Blood’ is groovier due to the huge bass line in the mix then it’s back to the power metal on the galloping ‘Visionaries’ before the quirky tech metal of ‘Beyond The Past’. Things go in an extreme metal direction on the death metal pounder ‘Celtic Creatures’ before the chugging beast that is ‘Why Burn’. The surprise package is a cover of Platinum Blonde’s ‘It Doesn’t Really Matter’ which is a pop/punk/new wave rocker.

I liken this to a bag of ‘Revels’ because you never know what you’re going to get. Waye has shown he can write in any metal style and the guys he got together to perform are world-class. The production is pretty big too so, if you like Megadeth, Agent Steel, Exodus, Overkill etc. then there will be something on here that you like. Me? I liked it all! Hopefully, Canadian metal will be taken a bit more seriously with this release.

Track List –

1 – Tektyranny

2 – At War With Demons

3 – Bringers Of Chaos

4 – Is Hope Still Alive

5 – Obsolescence

6 – One Blood

7 – Visionaries

8 – Beyond The Past

9 – Celtic Creatures

10 – Why Burn

11 – It Doesn’t Really Matter

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