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Darren McIntyre’s Review of “Just Like That” by Atlas

Atlas, the melodic rock band hailing from Manchester, England, has been making waves since its formation in early 2017. With two studio records under their belt, “In Pursuit Of Memory” (2018) and “Parallel Love” (2019), it’s clear that they’ve been steadily building their reputation, even charting at number 36 in Japan. Along the way, they’ve had the privilege of sharing the stage with notable acts like The Quireboys, Eric Martin (Mr. Big), Vega, Big Country, and Praying Mantis. Now, they’re gearing up to release their latest album, “Built To Last,” on October 20th, and they’ve been teasing us with singles, including “All Or Nothing” and “You’re Not Alone.” Today, we’re diving into their third single, “Just Like That.”

“Just Like That” opens with cool synth tones that set the mood before classic guitar riffs take over, filling the air with their presence. The punchy bass kick provides the foundation for this fantastic track to unfold. Atlas doesn’t waste any time as the vocals kick in, and they carry a real 80s feel that immediately grabs your attention. It’s this quality that allows the tempo to take hold of you and immerse you in the groove as it washes over you.

One standout aspect of “Just Like That” is the rhythm section, with a snare drum and bass kick combo that gives the track room to breathe. As the song progresses, a slick, clean guitar lick enters with bags of swagger and energy, enhancing the overall tone. It’s this guitar work combined with killer beats and synth tones that exemplifies the essence of Atlas. They drive the track forward, ensuring that it’s a foot-stomping beat that captures your attention and refuses to let go.

The band’s lineup consists of:

  • Craig Wells: Vocals
  • Howie Little: Guitar
  • Chris Redfern: Bass
  • James Thorley: Keys
  • Ryan Briggs: Drums

With “Just Like That,” Atlas showcases their ability to craft a captivating rock track that effortlessly melds the classic with the modern. Their 80s-infused vocals, along with the combination of synth tones and powerful guitar work, create a sonic experience that’s not only engaging but also undeniably enjoyable.

In summary, “Just Like That” is a testament to Atlas’s musical prowess, setting high expectations for their upcoming album, “Built To Last.” It’s a track that, indeed, grabs you “just like that” and leaves you eager to explore more of what this band has to offer.

Track Listing:

  • Just Like That

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