“Sunshine Of Your Love” by Heavenly Cream feat. Joe Bonamassa and Bernie Marsden

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Review by Glen Parkes

“Heavenly Cream: An Acoustic Tribute To Cream” is a musical gem that pays homage to one of the most iconic rock bands in history, Cream. Featuring legendary musicians Ginger Baker, Bernie Marsden, and Pete Brown, this tribute is the first single from the up-and-coming album it offers a fresh perspective on Cream’s timeless classics by reimagining them in an acoustic setting.

Ginger Baker, known for his groundbreaking drumming with Cream, brings his unique percussion skills to the acoustic arrangements, proving that his musical prowess extends far beyond the electric realm. His rhythmic contributions add depth and nuance to the tracks, reminding us of the vital role he played in Cream’s original sound.

Bernie Marsden’s guitar work is a highlight. His acoustic renditions of Cream’s classic guitar parts are both respectful and inventive. Marsden’s ability to capture the essence of Eric Clapton’s original guitar work while infusing it with his own style is a testament to his remarkable talent.

Pete Brown, the lyricist who collaborated with Cream, delivers heartfelt and emotional vocals on this single. His performance is both authentic and evocative, conveying the lyrical depth of Cream’s songs with sincerity. Brown’s connection to the material is palpable, and his vocals provide a sense of continuity with Cream’s original recordings.

“Heavenly Cream” succeeds not only as a tribute to Cream but also as a standalone single. It’s a testament to the timelessness of Cream’s music and the enduring influence of these legendary musicians. This tribute offers fans of Cream a chance to rediscover the band’s catalogue from a new angle, and it serves as a fitting tribute to Cream’s enduring legacy in the world of rock music.

In conclusion, “Heavenly Cream: An Acoustic Tribute To Cream” is a heartfelt and masterful homage to one of rock music’s most influential bands. Ginger Baker, Bernie Marsden, and Pete Brown’s collaborative effort results in a rich and memorable musical experience that pays the utmost respect to Cream’s iconic sound while adding a fresh and acoustic dimension. This is a must-listen for Cream fans and anyone who appreciates exceptional musicianship and timeless rock classics.

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