Renaissance The Legacy Tour 2022

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Album Review By Mick Sayce

Before anything else, I have a confession to make. When I first heard the album (on vinyl) Shaherazade and Other Stories way back in the mid-1970s I was completely blown away by Annie Haslam’s voice. So the first thing I wanted to check after this length of time was if Annie could still wow me with her voice. Once the vocals on Carpet of the Sun -the first started I knew the answer, she still has this wonderful lilting, mellifluous voice that I remembered. In fact, it has been recorded that she has a five-octave range! Nowhere is this demonstrated better than in ‘ Sympathy of Light’.

The band’s progressive rock heritage shines through like a beacon throughout the album with -at various times- fast-paced piano, haunting woodwind and acoustic guitar being used as either intro or as the main theme. It must be said that some of the introductions are quite lengthy and as intricate as ever, but still manage to maintain that classic Renaissance vibe.

‘A Blessing in Disguise’ is very different from the other tracks in that it is, with the exception of what sounds like a single violin, an a cappella number that because of the range of the voices, manages to interest and draw the listener in.

if you want something a little more laid back, more tuneful and more melodic than your usual dose of whatever, then give The Legacy Tour 2022 a listen. Renaissance fans will not be disappointed either, the album with part studio, and part live tracks has a lot to offer.

Track List:

1- Carpet of the Sun; 2- Black Flame; 3- The Sisters; 4- Ananda; 5- The Captive Heart; 6- Symphony of Light; 7- Blessing in Disguise; 8- Celestine; 9- Reaching Out; 10- The Angels Cry; 11- Day of the Dreamer; 12- Running Hard.

The current lineup includes the following:

Annie Haslam, vocals (since 1971!)

Jason Hart, keyboards

Rave Tesar, piano

Frank Pagano, drums

Review for Jace Media


Mick Sayce

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