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Review and photos by Ken Jackson

What a night! Xander and The Peace Pirates came to the Tuesday Night Music Club last night for the first time all the way from Liverpool. Judging by the reception they received from a capacity audience it won’t be the last time they grace the TNMC stage.

It was, I think the fourth time I have seen these guys and although a couple of the band members have changed, what remains constant is the enthusiasm, the quality of the music and the way they are received. With Keith Xander belting out two full sets of Soul, Blues and Rock with a couple of Prince covers thrown in for good luck, it took just one song for the band to settle into the quite unique atmosphere of the TNMC. It must be quite disconcerting for a band when they realise the audience is totally focused on the sound that they produce.

The last time I saw them was at the Sound Lounge in Sutton, a lovely venue but very different in lots of ways; it’s a restaurant and bar so lots of chat and background noise and understandably so however It was interesting to see how they relaxed after the first song tonight when their efforts were rewarded by thunderous applause and lots of whooping. Their 2 packed sets were over too quickly. Xander and the Peace Pirates were rewarded as expected after such a great performance with a standing ovation to which they responded with a great cover of “Purple Rain”. Their new album, ‘Order out of Chaos ‘ is out now and appeared to be selling well on the merch stand.

Many thanks to Richard Dunning for a great evening, Simon Taylor from EQ Audio for ensuring perfect sound and all the bar staff who ensure a warm welcome every time you walk in the door.

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