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Kardashev Denied

See The Band On Tour Across The UK With Necrotted

Kicking Off This MonthTicket Info HERE

Thursday, September 14, 2023 – Deathcore quartet Osiah has dropped their new bone-crushing track Kardashev Denied and the accompanying music video. Speaking about today’s release, the band shared:

Osiah would like to present to you the debut offering from their upcoming fourth album. The single “Kardashev Denied” marks the band’s first appearance as a four-piece, and showcases the bands new found musical identity, crafted and tempered after their experimental offering ‘Chronos’ released earlier this year.” Stream Kardashev Deniedhere and watch the official music video in the thumbnail below

UK Osiah fans have their chance to see the band on tour with Necrotted. For ticket information please click here, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more Osiah news coming very soon.

Upcoming Tour Dates with Necrotted:

September 29 – Plymouth – The Junction

September 30 – Derby – The Hairy Dog 

October 1 – London – New Cross Inn 

October 2 – Bristol – The Crofters Rights 

October 3 – Manchester – Satans Hollow 

October 4 – Sheffield – Corporation 

October 5 – Glasgow – Audio 

October 6 – Newcastle – The Cluny 2  October 7 – Birmingham – The Devil Dog

Hailing from the extreme music melting pot that is the northeast of England, Osiah transcends the deathcore label with what could possibly be the most torturous barrage of filth the UK has produced in recent years. Crushingly intense breakdowns and deathly chops tread a familiar path, but jarringly detuned guitars, unpredictable tempo changes and vocals that range from wide-ranging pitched screams to commanding guttural bowel openers add an extra evil to the sound that cannot be put into words.   After releasing their first EP ‘Reborn Through Hate‘ in 2015, Osiah released their first full-length album ‘Terror Firma’ in June 2016 via Siege Music. The album gained praise from Metal Hammer MagazineBloody Disgusting, and many other prestigious publications, cementing the band as the hottest and heaviest band on the UK deathcore scene.   The resulting work lead to the band signing to Unique Leader Records in 2018 and releasing their sophomore album ‘Kingdom of Lies‘ in 2019. In 2021, Osiah released their third album ‘Loss‘ and unleashed their latest EP ‘Chronos‘ in early 2023.

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