Torn The Fuck Apart – ‘Kill.Bury.Repeat’

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Death Metal

Gore House Records

Release Date – October 6th 2023

Welcome to the brutal and disturbing 5th album from Kansas City’s finest Torn The Fuck Apart (won’t get radio airplay with a name like that!) Formed way back in 2004 they go from resolute old-school death metal with a touch of technical to a whole load of groove. Their songs are basically a collection of horror stories inspired by true events or from the frankly deranged brains of the band especially drummer Dylan Watt who has an unnerving knack for writing the most extreme lyrics – get some therapy mate!

No hanging about as they get straight into ‘Corrosive Form’ which just canters along until they throttle back on the chorus and give some groove before they take off again. ‘A Statement of Malicious Intent’ does what it says, it’s dark, malicious and malevolent with a stark warning to leave well alone! The brutality comes flooding in on ‘Something Went Wrong’ which goes through a collection of riffs before the grinding ‘Stuck In The Trunk’ (remind not to get a ride with these guys!). WTF? ‘Submerged In Human Compost’ is just a nasty bastard of a track and I hope it’s not a true story – can you imagine? ‘Kill.Bury.Repeat’ brings the technical death with some jagged riffage and pinched harmonics before some melodic breakdowns, yes melodic! Things get groovier and heavier on ‘Dead But Delicious’ before the quite disturbing ‘Autopsy Report (Inconclusive)’ goes hell for leather before the crushing ‘Scratch The Bone’.

The final number is a faithful rendition of Cannibal Corpse’s ‘Unleashing The Bloodthirsty’ just for shits and giggles.

If you’re into any sort of extreme metal, then you will love this. It’s got all sorts going on and I can hear shades of Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Goatwhore and others. TTFK might be a trio but they make one hell of a noise and are as tight as a ducks butt. Death Metal is in safe, but dangerous, hands with these guys and I’ll be sourcing their back catalogue ASAP.

Track List –

1 – Corrosive Form

2 – A Statement Of Malicious Intent

3 – Something Went Wrong

4 – Stuck In The Trunk

5 – Submerged In Human Compost

6 – Kill.Bury.Repeat

7 – Dead But Delicious

8 – Autopsy Report (Inconclusive)

9 – Scratch The Bone

10 – Unleashing The Bloodthirsty (Cannibal Corpse cover)

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