Caitlin Krisko & The Broadcast – Live @ St Luke’s & The Winged Ox

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Review By Darren McIntyre photos by Barry Douglas

Caitlin Krisko & The Broadcast are an Americana Roots rock outfit currently residing in Ashville, North Carolina but was born in Detroit and raised in New York City. Caitlin and the boys have been influenced by the sounds of East Coast rock n roll, Motown & roots music, the band have been lucky enough to share the stage with acts such as Mavis Staples, Marcus King, Blackberry Smoke, The Avett Brothers & Greta Van Fleet. The band have been turning heads all through Europe & the USA and tonight they stop off in Glasgow to bring us their blend of soulful blues with an electrifying twist.

On a cool evening at St Luke’s in Glasgow, Caitlin Krisko & The Broadcast took the stage, promising a night of soulful magic. What unfolded was a transcendental journey through musical soundscapes that left the audience spellbound and yearning for more.

Caitlin Krisko, with her charismatic presence and enchanting voice, immediately captivated the audience’s hearts and minds. Her vocals were a masterclass in soulfulness, echoing the likes of Aretha Franklin and Etta James. Krisko’s ability to convey deep emotions through her singing was nothing short of extraordinary, and it was evident from the very first note that the audience was in for something special.

Backed by The Broadcast, a band of exceptionally talented musicians, Krisko’s performance was elevated to another level. The band’s chemistry was palpable, and they seamlessly flowed from one song to the next, creating a sonic tapestry that was both intricate and captivating.

First up on tonight’s magical journey was the spellbinding “Half Asleep” as this track really introduced us to the powering blues explosion that we were about to take in tonight, the place really warmed to the captivating tone that swept through St Luke’s tonight as the crowd listened intently and took this incredible outfit to our hearts.

Caitlin thanked us for coming out to party with her and the boys and continued by telling us that her ancestors were Scottish and this drew a huge cheer from this eager crowd as she led us onto the haunting colossal track that is “Blue Heron” which really took the roof off of this place tonight as her incredible vocals filled the whole venue and then some, we applauded loudly as the band take the applause as the launch into the immense “Haunted By You” which stops us in our tracks as the fabulous groove just grabs you and really takes you to another place. You can hear a pin drop for sure as this slow-burning beast gathers pace and just draws you in as the boys hit us with epic basslines that have crisp, clean guitar licks for company.

The night is picking up the pace as we roll into the fantastic “Devil On Your Side” which brings a cool rhythm section letting this foot-stomping track tell it’s own story.

The vocals are just incredible as they let the funk element take over as we sway from side to side as this epic beat just fills the venue as the boys bring the tone as they drive this incredible track onwards.

Next up is their last single “Operator” which brings a huge cheer from the crowd as Caitlin launches into this funkadelic effort with ease, the groove hits a fever pitch as we get a funky rhythm that just hits the spot as the bassline hits us with all it has as the groove comes at us like a juggernaut and then some. The place is on fire as Caitlin & the boys are really bringing it as they come at us with all they have.

The place is standing still as Caitlin introduces the incredible “Led Blood” as it really tells us what this outfit is all about, the intensity, groove, and blues-infused tones are just incredible. Caitlin’s vocals are outstanding as she really digs deep and takes us on the journey with her as the boys let us feel the music oozing from each member tonight.

The night is about to take a real turn as the band cranks out a killer cover in the form of “Rock n Roll” from Zeppelin that really gets the place shaking tonight. The riffs are tearing through St Luke’s tonight as the band hits the next gear and really let us have it for sure and let the place rock and roll tonight.

We come to the last song of their highly impressive set and that leads us onto “Fighting The Feeling” which ended the night as it should have ended with the crowd chanting for more and Caitlin telling us that they would be back for sure.

The diversity in their musical repertoire was impressive, ranging from soulful ballads that pulled at the heartstrings to up-tempo, groove-laden numbers that had the entire crowd dancing. One standout moment was their rendition of “Led Blood” which showcased Krisko’s vocal prowess and the band’s tight-knit instrumentation. The song’s ethereal atmosphere transported the audience to a different realm, where music was the sole language spoken.

Throughout the evening, Caitlin Krisko & The Broadcast demonstrated their versatility by incorporating elements of blues, rock, and funk into their soulful core. Each member of the band had their moments to shine, with blistering guitar solos and groovy bass lines that left the audience in awe.

The lighting and stage production added a visual dimension to the performance, enhancing the mood of each song. It was evident that every aspect of the show had been carefully curated to create a multi-sensory experience that resonated with the audience on a profound level.

The connection between Caitlin Krisko and the crowd was palpable. She engaged with the audience, sharing stories and anecdotes that added a personal touch to the performance. It was clear that she had a deep appreciation for her fans, and that sentiment was reciprocated in the enthusiastic response from the audience.

In conclusion, Caitlin Krisko & The Broadcast’s performance at St Luke’s in Glasgow was a transcendent journey through soulful soundscapes. Krisko’s powerful and emotive vocals, combined with the exceptional musicianship of The Broadcast, created an unforgettable night of music that left the audience in awe. It was a reminder of the timeless beauty and power of soul music when performed by true artists. If you ever have the opportunity to witness Caitlin Krisko & The Broadcast live, don’t hesitate – it’s a musical experience that will touch your soul and leave you longing for more.

Caitlin Krisko & The Broadcast  –

                                                   Caitlin Krisko  –  Lead Vocals

                                                   Aaron Austin  –  Guitar / Backing Vocals

                                                   William Seymour  –  Bass / Backing Vocals

                                                   Michael W Davis  –  Drums

Setlist  –

            Half Asleep

            Blue Heron

            Haunted By You

            Devil On Your Side


            Led Blood

            Rock n Roll( Led Zeppelin Cover)             Fighting The Feeling

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