Cannibal Corpse – ‘Chaos Horrific’ Album Review

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Death Metal

Metal Blade Records

Release Date – September 22nd 2023

Review By Smudge

There’s no denying that Cannibal Corpse has been at the forefront of death metal since its formation 35 years ago. 35 years! 35 years of creating the most brutal, guttural, filthy extreme metal. There are no boundaries with these guys they just write and play whatever is in their devious evil minds. This monster release is their sixteenth full-length album so by very poor maths – it’s a release about every two years, which isn’t bad going.

The band are pushing the envelope to even more extreme lengths on this record having custom-made guitars with longer necks to accommodate the proper intonation for the lower tunings and thus becoming more technical. So, you see, this stuff is not just thrown together.

A guitar blasts and Paul Webster’s bass starts ‘Overlords Of Violence’ which fairly rips and tears from the off. It’s fast, heavy and nasty and just get those rabid white-hot leads from Rutan and Barrett. This is the music you play to thoroughly piss off your neighbours! ‘Frenzied Feeding’ is just that – frenzied and relentless all led by Mazurkiewicz’s Olympic-paced rhythms. ‘Summoned For Sacrifice’ eases back on the throttle with some evil technical riffage which continues on the simpler catchier ‘Blood Blind’. Things get proper devious on ‘Vengeful Invasion’ before the smash-and-grab brutality of the title track – jeez this is heavy! ‘Fracture And Refracture’ keeps up the intensity before ‘Pitchfork Impalement’ goes further up the scale of gore. We get some groove on ‘Pestilential Rictus’ which has a ton of chug then the final ditty ‘Drain You Empty’ starts with a death doom intro then ends things on a mountainous down-tuned face r.

35 years and there’s been no let-up in the intensity and sickness. Cannibal Corpse truly are masters of their art and here they have another album that will no doubt be considered another classic in the future.

Track List –

1 – Overlords Of Violence

2 – Frenzied Feeding

3 – Summoned For Sacrifice

4 – Blood Blind

5 – Vengeful Invasion

6 – Chaos Horrific

7 – Fracture And Refracture

8 – Pitchfork Impalement

9 – Pestilential Rictus

10 – Drain You Empty

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