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Review by Graeme Wright

Of Limbo consists of two Australian brothers, Jake and Luke Davies who relocated to America when Luke was accepted to the Berklee School of Music in Boston. Jake went to California and was soon joined by Luke who had travelled down for a break. The brothers realised that they needed to be around each other to produce their own music and this eventually led to their first album release in 2017, ‘’Nicotine’ which I thought was excellent and it received great reviews across the board.

The new song and video has just arrived at Jace Towers and is a superb slice of Hard Rock which is really difficult to pigeonhole. If you had to push me I’d say they have elements of Black Sabbath, Metallica and Soundgarden about them but they have their own unique sound and this song has me really looking forward to their next album release.

The new song starts with a Tony Iommi-style riff before segueing into a proper hard and heavy main break with thoughtful lyrics about people who will do anything to gain fame and fortune and the potential pitfalls involved with doing so. It’s a truly great song and I’ve gone far beyond my ‘six listens before putting pen to paper’ rule, it’s that good. I’ve gone through their back catalogue this week and it’s clear these boys have the potential to be huge given the right breaks.

The video that accompanies the song is superb and is of a much higher quality than most that you see these days. The sinister theme of the song really hits home here and the changes made to the young protégé who is looking for fame and fortune are genuinely creepy, reminding me at times of the Surgeon General scenes in John Carpenter’s Escape From L.A.

In conclusion, this is a great song and video from quality musicians and I look forward immensely to future releases.

Of Limbo –

Jake Davies – Vocals/Guitar

Luke Davies – Guitar/Vocals

Track Listing –

California Demon

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