Continental Lovers Single release – Make Up Your Mind

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30th September

Review and photographs by Linda McDermott

The Continental Lovers are a glam punk rock band from Nottingham, with a sound that reminds me a lot of The Ramones, who happen to be my all-time favourite band. No pressure, but I was hoping that their new single, which is to be released on the 30th of Sept to have me bopping along. It did!

The single, ‘Make Up Your Mind’ is a cover of a track by one of their favourite artists Stiv Bators of Dead Boys fame, It is a track from Stiv’s debut solo album ‘Disconnected’ which was initially released in Dec 1980, this song was written by his drummer, David Quinton. The track has a simple catchy pop-punk vibe to it, it is short and sweet just as this type of music should be.

The track is the Continental Lover’s tenth song to be released and is the follow-up to their self-penned track ‘Paraffin Lips’ which was out in July, check it out on the usual streaming platforms.

I’m happy to say that the band haven’t deviated away from the original track, except it’s a tiny bit more up-tempo, which suits the song and is perfect for giving you an insight as to where these guys’ musical tastes lie. So, if you like bands such as Cheap Trick, New York Dolls, Joan Jett, Ramones and Hanoi Rocks you’ll be pleased with the release date.

It’s great to still have bands that play original punk rock music and if you happen to be looking for a band that continues the legacy of early punk, I suggest you put Continental Lovers on your playlist as they do it to perfection. Check out their great EP from last year called ‘Dale Arden Vs the World’ as it has that feel to it with my particular favourite tracks being ‘St Joan’ and ‘Dale Arden’.

Continental Lovers are
Joe Maddox- Lead vocals/guitar.

Rokket R Rik- Drums/backing vocals.

Keri Sinn- Bass guitar/backing vocals.

Ben Webster- Lead guitar/backing vocals.

They have been working hard on new material and say they have enough new songs written for a debut album, they just need a label to get behind them to get it recorded and released. Having had some interest from the United States and Europe it shouldn’t be too long before they get snapped up and are in a studio recording it. I can’t wait.

If you want to catch them live, they will be playing at

Rockmantic Festival on 10th/11th November Grimsby

Winter Rocks Festival is on 1st/2nd December in Sheffield.

Follow Continental Lovers online:

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