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In a world hungry for genuine voices and meaningful messages, Megan Black boldly steps into the spotlight. Her anthemic single, ‘MOTHER. SISTER. LOVER.’, dropped earlier this year, serving as a powerful prelude to what’s in store. With its resounding success, Megan’s latest EP, ‘Full Circle Part 1,’ beckons us to embrace our own narratives, vulnerabilities, and strengths while contemplating our place in shaping the world.

Structured as a collection of interconnected chapters, ‘Full Circle Part 1’ marks the beginning of an intimate voyage. It lays bare the highs and lows of Megan’s life experiences, revealing her unwavering commitment to challenging societal conventions and fostering an inclusive space for all. The EP is scheduled to grace all platforms on Friday, September 29th, 2023.

As ‘Full Circle Part 1’ unfolds, Megan’s exceptional storytelling prowess and unfiltered vocals shine through. She weaves a captivating narrative that delves into the delicate equilibrium between hope and fear in her life.

The EP commences with ‘MOTHER. SISTER. LOVER.’, an inspirational anthem celebrating the spirit of womanhood and the power that unity brings. Megan collaborates with female-identifying and non-binary artists, their voices amplifying the song’s potent message—a call for togetherness. Megan eloquently conveys her motivation: “We’re taught from a very young age that women should compete with each other. I wanted to use this song to spread the message that we don’t need to fight against each other.”

The punchy ‘Just For Fun’ strikes a chord with anyone who’s grappled with self-destructive tendencies. Megan’s lyrics, “I find comfort in my own pain and freedom in the mess I’ve made,” resonate deeply. In 2022, this track garnered recognition as one of Scotland’s top 20 singles and earned a spot on Spotify’s editorial playlist ‘Students Union.’

Breaking new ground, Megan seamlessly incorporates rap into her music with ‘Fuck You (You Stole My Youth),’ giving a resounding voice to survivors of sexual assault, following in the footsteps of the remarkable activist and MeToo Movement founder, Tarana Burke. Megan’s intention is clear: “I wrote it to raise awareness and hopefully help people who feel trapped in so much anger and trauma. We need to open the conversation.” A radio edit version will also be available.

‘Me Vs Mother Nature’ concludes the EP with a fervent plea to collectively address environmental concerns. Having previously supported Greenpeace through her music, Megan has firsthand experience of the urgency for action, new perspectives, and inspiring change. The song serves as a reminder that our concerns for the planet are both genuine and valid. Megan passionately expresses, “It’s about bringing people together over something so daunting. We all share this experience.”

Infusing ’70s blues/rock with the fiery essence of queer pop, Megan Black has crafted a unique musical identity, earning accolades from music professionals and fans alike since her debut single, ‘Fur Coat Queen,’ in 2019. ‘Full Circle Part 1’ promises to be a turning point in Megan Black’s career, providing a glimpse into her multifaceted vision for a more sustainable and empowered world.

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