“Reviving the Chaos: SiM’s ‘Playdead’ Album Review”

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Review by Bracken Hake

SiM, the genre-bending Japanese heavy reggae punk band, has caught the music world by storm with their latest album, “Playdead.” This 13-track album is a rollercoaster of emotions and sounds, demonstrating the band’s outstanding ability to combine many musical styles into a cohesive and exhilarating experience. “Playdead” is an exciting voyage that keeps listeners on their toes from beginning to end. The album begins with the title track, “PLAYDEAD,” an explosive introduction that sets the tone for what’s to come. SiM takes no time in delivering its signature blend of heavy guitar riffs, reggae rhythms, and punk energy.

This opening track is a headbanger’s dream, perfectly capturing the band’s raw and unapologetic approach to music. “RED” follows suit, keeping the high-energy momentum going while incorporating some catchy reggae grooves that were along the lines of both Skindred and Korn. The smooth transition between genres demonstrates SiM’s musical prowess. The song’s infectious melody is enhanced by the lyrics, which are delivered with intensity and emotion. “Hide and SEEK” takes a more melodic turn, demonstrating the band’s versatility.

The contrast of strong instrumentals and emotionally passionate vocals in this track creates a compelling dynamic. It’s a tune that sticks with you long after the final note has faded. With its sombre and introspective lyrics, “Sad Song” provides a change of pace. SiM’s ability to convey raw emotion is on full display here, proving that they are more than just an energetic performance band. This song really reminded me of the henna with its more rocky melodies.

With its addictive beats and appealing tunes, “BBT” and “DO THE DANCE” bring back the party atmosphere. These songs demonstrate SiM’s talent for creating music that makes you want to boogie. The introspective lyrics and musical experimentation of “Not So Weak” and “UNDER THE TREE” give dimension to the record.

SiM explores their softer side without abandoning the aggression that distinguishes their music. The album concludes with “The Rumbling (Orchestral Version),” a delightful and unexpected twist. This symphonic rendition of one of the band’s iconic songs demonstrates their willingness to experiment. It’s a perfect end to an album that in my opinion is a masterpiece.

“Playdead” is a genre-bending masterpiece that exemplifies SiM’s growth as a band. they have created an album that transcends genres and speaks to the soul, with a great blend of heavy reggae, punk energy, and emotional depth. “Play Dead” is an essential addition to your playlist, whether you’re a longtime fan or new to their music. SiM’s ability to push boundaries and produce music that resonates viscerally is what distinguishes them in the music industry, and “Playdead” cements their reputation as genre-defying trailblazers.

PLAYDEAD RED HiDE and SEEK SWEET DREAMS Die Alone TOO LATE KiSS OF DEATH Sad Song BBT DO THE DANCE Not So Weak UNDER THE TREE (Full-Length Version) The Rumbling (Orchestral Version

Review by Bracken


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