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Review By Darren McIntyre

JAWS are an Indie rock 4 piece from Birmingham, England initially formed in 2012, the boys have given us 3 LP’s & 2 EP’s. A couple of weeks ago the boys brought us their killer new EP If It Wasn’t For My Friends, Things Could Be Different, and from that the boys delivered their rip-roaring single Sweat. In support of the new EP the boys hit the road to allow us to bear witness to the awesome sound and electrifying presence these boys bring to any venue. tonight they stop off in Glasgow on the first night of the tour, please join me as I take us through this fantastic night of sharp, powerful Indie classics that will surely take the roof off of this iconic venue tonight. 

From the moment Jaws took the stage, it was clear that they were there to make a statement. The band kicked off their set with an explosion of energy, and the crowd responded in kind. Lead vocalist and guitarist Connor Schofield’s raspy, emotive vocals cut through the air, instantly drawing the audience in. The synergy between band members was undeniable, as they effortlessly weaved through tracks from their discography.

The band’s performance was characterized by its raw, unapologetic approach. The guitar-driven melodies, punctuated by powerful drumming and a thumping bass, resonated through the venue, creating an atmosphere that was both electric and infectious. We opened with ” Top Of My Skull” followed by the cool “Driving At Night”, the boys thanked us for coming out which got a huge cheer from this swelling crowd which got the crowd singing along passionately.

Jaws showcased their ability to seamlessly transition between dreamy, shoegaze-inspired moments and full-throttle, anthemic choruses. This dynamic range kept the audience engaged throughout the set. The band’s stage presence was magnetic, and it was evident that they were feeding off the crowd’s energy.

The boys brought it tonight as the crowd lapped up every morsel that was pouring from the stage tonight, the boys rattled through countless hits when they hit us with hit after hit in the form of “Think Too Much” which got the crowd all hot and sweaty as the boys kicked it up a notch with the killer track “Are My Friends Alright” which took the night in a different direction.

Tracks like “Maybe I’ll Do The Same Tomorrow and ripping straight into “What We Haven’t Got Yet”, we stop and chat for a bit as Conner lets us know that he really should chat more and fill us in on what the boys have been doing, we rock into “Right In Front Of Me. The boys kick it up a notch with the heavy rocking “Just A Boy” & “Please Be Kind”, the boys lead us into the band’s latest single “Sweat” which gets the juices flowing as the place really goes a little nuts as the boys break out the big guns.

We are hurtling towards the business end of the night with awesome tracks like “Stay In” which flows into a new track “Yours” which has us standing motionless as the boys take it home tonight, the place is a sweatbox as the crowd really get behind the boys as they deliver a real rock-inspired set that has us all in a spin, the last three tracks are bangers that get the place rocking as we take in the awesome “Be Slowly”, “Gold” that sets the place on fire as the boys really drive their juggernaut right through the heart of Glasgow tonight before we finish with the foot stomping rock classic “Donut” which is going to send us home happy on a Tuesday night.

Sound and Production:

King Tut’s has always been known for its excellent sound quality, and this night was no exception. The venue’s intimate size allowed for a crisp and immersive audio experience. Jaws’ sound filled every corner of the room, ensuring that no one missed a single note or lyric. The lighting design was simple but effective, enhancing the mood of each song and highlighting the band’s performance.

Audience Engagement:

One of the most impressive aspects of the evening was the strong connection between Jaws and their fans. Connor Schofield frequently interacted with the crowd, creating a sense of intimacy and camaraderie. This personal touch added an extra layer to the already electric atmosphere, making the concert feel like a shared experience between the band and their devoted followers.


            Connor Schofield  –  Vocals / Guitar

            Alex Hudson  –  Lead Guitar

            Leon Smith  –  Bass

            Eddy Geach  –  Drums

Setlist  –

            Top Of My Skull

            Driving At Night

            Think Too Much

            Are My Friends Alright

            Maybe I’ll Do The Same Thing Tomorrow

            What We Haven’t Got Yet

            Right In Front Of Me

            Just A Boy

            Please Be Kind


            Stay In


            Be Slowly

            Gold             Donut

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