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“Come Of Age” is a captivating combination of musical experimentation, brought to life by the New York Trio Princess Goes (formerly Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum), which features the charismatic Michael C. Hall on vocals, keyboard virtuoso Matt Katz-Bohen, and Drummer Extraordinaire Peter Yanowitz. This 12-track odyssey takes listeners on a journey into uncharted musical territory, firmly establishing the band as an avant-garde Legend.

The album begins with “Offering,” a dreamy prelude that immediately immerses the listener in the band’s aural dreamscape. Michael C. Hall’s evocative vocals, complemented by Matt Katz-Bohen’s keyboard brilliance and Peter Yanowitz’s rhythmic prowess, set the tone for the Album as a whole. “Let It Go” follows with a sensuous, mesmerising beat that expertly blends sensuality with the unearthly. Hall’s enthralling vocal performance takes listeners further into the song’s sombre, seductive ambience, generating a musical aura that lasts throughout the album. “Blur” for me is the most memorable track on the album, and possibly my favourite track, with sections that remind me of Sleep Token. The song shows the band’s ability to create a musical experience that is both enigmatic and emotionally compelling.

“Come Of Age” takes centre stage, displaying the band’s ability to create sophisticated but approachable compositions. Hall’s intriguing voice weaves a tapestry of experimental elements. Its lyrical richness and subtle layers encourage repeated listening, guaranteeing that each listen reveals new nuances. “Shimmer” is a dreamy, cinematic spell that induces a sensation of weightlessness and transcendence. Hall’s ethereal vocal skills combined with sumptuous orchestration provide an emotionally engaging experience that envelops the listener. “Jetpack” adds infectious vibrancy to the record, propelled by throbbing beats and enticing melodies. Hall’s vocals soar over Katz-Bohen’s keyboards and Yanowitz’s percussion, culminating in a composition that fluidly transitions from avant-garde exploration to an appealing pop-inflected song. “Glasswing” is a complex tapestry of textures and poetic storytelling that exemplifies the band’s commitment to pushing musical limits. The song’s sophisticated sound reflects its lyrical complexity, creating a multi-dimensional experience that resonates deeply.

“Take Me Home” is a poignant, stripped-down introspection that reveals the raw, vulnerable core of the band’s musical exploration. It demonstrates their ability to balance complexity with emotional sincerity while remaining extremely heavy. “Saving Grace” explores a darker atmosphere with evocative lyrics that make it an unforgettable highlight, demonstrating the band’s willingness to explore the depths of human emotion through their music. “Whatever whispers” and “Floating” round off this phenomenal brilliantly. These tracks, like the rest of the album, invite the listener to dive into the intricate layers of sound and meaning. They convey an indelible sensation of inquiry and intrigue.”Come Of Age” exemplifies the band’s imaginative vision and brave exploration. Princess Goes has created a musical experience that is as perplexing as it is engaging. This record will surely be recognised as an iconic moment in experimental electronic rock’s history. It has quickly become a personal favourite of mine. I’ve enjoyed reviewing it and can’t wait for you all to hear it.


Review by Bracken Hake

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1. Offering



4. Come Of Age

5. Shimmer

6. Jetpack

7. Glasswing

8. Take Me Home

9. Beija

10. Saving Grace

11. Whatever Whispers

12. Floating

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