Robert Jon and The Wreck VENUE – Academy 2, Liverpool DATE – 16th September 2023

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Words and photographs – Graeme Wright


Robert Jon and The Wreck are going to have their work cut out for them tonight. Support act Caitlin Krisko and The Broadcast brought their ‘A’ game to Liverpool this evening and this audience was blown away by their set. As always though, the boys proved up to the task and put on a superb performance tonight. It’s really hot outside and inside the venue, it’s like a sauna, which suits the Bluesy musical styles on display this evening.

The crowd are already fully on board before we get to the end of the opening track ‘Pain No More’ and it’s clear that the band are already picking up on the positive vibes. Robert is already chatting away a bit more than he usually does and we are straight into one of the band’s biggest songs, ‘Do You Remember’ which is beautifully heartfelt and it’s clear that virtually everyone in here knows all the words to this track. Henry is one of the best guitarists I’ve ever seen and he gives a show-stopping performance on ‘This Time Around’ before we are straight into the awesome ‘Ride Into The Light’ which is the most ‘Country’ song of the entire set.

It’s ‘Tired Of Drinking Alone’ with its huge Blues grind and a singalong chorus that gets the whole place rocking tonight though. A brilliant song and one that is perfect for the live arena, this crowd means business and is swaying and singing along to every word. ‘Don’t Look Down’ and ‘High Time’ keep the party vibe to the max and it during these songs that you realise just how good every member of this outfit is. The back line is as tight as a drum and there is not one dropped note from the singer or the guitar players.

The band are hardworking and tours a lot, and it clearly shows due to how tight they sound tonight. ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ is the heaviest song of the evening and ‘Bring Me Back Home’ receives a rapturous reception from the audience. The band’s big ballad ‘Gold’ sounds beautiful tonight but the highlight of the evening is ‘Cold Night’. This song has been transformed from its vinyl version which is just over four minutes long to an epic free jam which lasts for over twenty minutes. It’s their version of a ‘Freebird’ style song and the guitar solo work from Henry is simply on another planet to anything else I’ve seen this year. It’s a complete masterclass and has the crowd roaring its appreciation. It’s just a phenomenal performance and is the highlight of the night.

The band closes out with ‘Shine A Light On Me Brother’ and all too soon the show is over and the crowd drifts into the night, still buzzing about what they’ve seen this evening. This was a brilliant show, and this band is perfectly suited to these intimate venues where they created a real connection with the audience tonight. Simply stunning.


Robert Jon Burrison – Vocals/Guitar

Henry James – Lead Guitar/Vocals

Warren Murrel – Bass Guitar/Vocals

Jake Abernethie – Keys

Andrew Espantman – Drums


  1. Pain No More
  2. Do You Remember
  3. This Time Around
  4. Ride Into The Light
  5. Tired Of Drinking Alone
  6. Don’t Look Down
  7. High Time
  8. Don’t Let Me Go
  9. Bring Me Back Home Again
  10. Gold
  11. Oh Miss Carolina
  12. Cold Night
  13. Shine A Light On Me Brother

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