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Review By Darren McIntyre

The Cadillac Three, originally known as The Cadillac Black was a rock band from Nashville, Tennessee who were all members of the band American Bang which also featured Ben Brown. The boys have been making music together since 2011 and Jaren has co-written songs for the likes of Keith Urban, Tim McGraw & Jake Owen. The boys have given us The Cadillac Three in 2012, Bury Me In My Boots in 2016, Legacy in 2017, Country Fuzz in 2020 & Tabasco & Sweet Tea in 2020. The boys brought us their first new release in two years in the form of Hillbilly and follow that with their blistering new rocker ballad This Town Is A Ghost, the boys follow that with this infectious rock track that is a tip of the hat to the Foo’s drummer Taylor Hawkins. Please sit back pour yourself a whisky and get ready to be rocked with this killer new offering.

Double Wide Grave – A pounding snare drum kicks in the doors as this foot-stomping beast rears its head as cool lap steel licks ripple through the intro. The gravelly rasping vocals are kicking things off as the boys bring the heat in this colossal new release, we have a solid foundation as the killer beats really give this track depth and direction. The sludgy riffs flow effortlessly through the track as we get crisp, clean guitar licks that are just taking this epic arrangement in another direction for sure, we have a really solid rhythm section that is holding this track together as the boys really pour everything into this killer piece. The boys just tell it like it is and that is just awesome, this is another surefire hit from this impressive trio.

The Cadillac Three  –

                                 Jaren Johnston  –  Lead Vocals / Guitar

                                 Kelby Ray  –  Lap Steel / Bass / Vocals

                                 Neil Mason  –  Drums / Vocals

Track Listing  –                       Double Wide Grave

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