The Flame Festival were the Legendary Gypsys Kiss

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We all know the story of how the Guitarist and vocalist David Smith formed the band in 1974 with his School Friend Steve Harris who went on to start Iron Maiden .

The name itself is synonymous with the East End as its Cockney Rhyming Slang for Pi ##.

The band were quite simply astounding as I knew they would be.

The three guitarists David himself, Jonathan Morray and Fraser Marr create a wonderful broad sound and add the rich keyboards by Ross Hunter, the stunning rhythm section of Bass player Robin Gatcham and drummer Stuart Emms and you have a paint pallet of sound that is startling in its colour, depth and vividness.

For me the Seventies were an astounding decade for Rock Music.

This band evoke, The Sweet, Atomic Rooster, Uriah Heep and a whole lot of others to transport you back to those wonderful times.

It was a stunning set enriched by the Queens Hall s Superb sound and lighting.

You could see how much the band loved playing to a receptive crowd and they used the expansive stage to the full.

A quite remarkable band and one of my favourite bands at the moment.

I’ve used the analagy of a Seventies Sports car to describe them in the past

Imagine a Classic car like a top of the range Ford Capri, completely restored and revamped with up to date technology . Then you would be getting the styling and original feel and sound but also the speed, precision and performance of all the technology of today.

Gypsys Kiss weren’t a throw back or some sort of oddity they were simply majestic, relevant and bloody glorious !

They epitomise the very best in the last 5 decades of British Classic Rock and my goodness how we were honoured to have them on our special day.

A Triumph ( not the car ) in every sense of the word.

Next year is Gypsys Kiss 50th anniversary and each and every one of you are invited to the party

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