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Review By Darren McIntyre

Emily Wolfe is a musician/songwriter/producer from Austin, Texas who came to our attention around 2012 with the release of her first album Director’s Notes.

Debut EP Mechanical Hands was released in 2013 and featured Wolfe on Vocals / Guitar, Hannah Hagar on Keys / Vocals, Sam Pankey on Bass / Jeffrey Olson on drums, Emily delivered their second EP Roulette in 2014 and this allowed her to tour with Allen Stone, perform at Austin City Limits, Bottle Rock Napa & SXSW.

Emily was growing in stature which brought her slots with Gary Clark Jr, The Toadies, Heart & The Pretenders, The third album Emily Wolfe dropped in 2019 and was swiftly followed by Outlier in 2021. Emily’s work has received high praise from the likes of NPR, The Wall Street Journal, MTV & numerous online & regional outlets.

Fast Forward to 2023 7 on the 20th of October, we get the stunning new album The Blowback, and from that comes the awesome opening single Dead End Luck which I will be reviewing for you today.

Dead End Luck – The track opens with a sludgy gritty guitar riff that really sets the tone as colossal bluesy vocals with a cool edgy tone come in. We have a deep bassline that just allows this track the room it needs to get up and running as the tempo hits overdrive and lets us feel the real Emily bring the groove, the cool rhythm section brings us a real feisty punch from the snare kicks that are accompanied by a heavy bass kick that gives this track real depth. The whole arrangement is a dark groove-laden rocker track that just showcases this incredible talent as she really opens up this foot-stomping killer track that has us punching the air with joy as we just allow this awesome track to take us somewhere new as Emily delivers big-time and leaves us waiting for the new record that I am sure will slap us around the face and tell us what we already know that this is one talented lady that just grows and grows.

Emily Wolfe  –

                     Emily Wolfe  –  Vocals / Guitar

Track Listing  –

                       Dead End Luck

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