Samantha Fish / Jesse Dayton – Lover On The Side – Single Review

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Review By Darren McIntyre

Samantha Fish & Jesse Dayton are a rock n roll match made in heaven that came together to bring us their blistering slab of blues rock n roll Death Wish Blues. Samanth being from Kansas City & Jesse hailing from Texas / Louisiana seemed the perfect combination to give us this epic record. Dayton is a blues, country, punk rock guitarist who has been a well-kept secret of the music world, today they launch their blistering, fast & furious new single Lover On The Side which lets these two cut loose and really give us a slice of blues rock with a twist. To coincide with the release of the track the duo are heading out on the road to bring us their Death Wish Tour so please sit back as I walk us through this power-drenched rock n roll offering.

Lover On The Side – From the off, we get a solid snare drum punch that lets this furious groover track open and gives us this infectious beat. The twin vocals are matched perfectly as they rip through the track with real gusto and the electrifying guitar licks just whisk us away to another place and feel the energy pouring from these two fantastic performers. The rhythm section gives us cool bass kicks that are followed by killer cymbal crashes that let this track breathe as the full-on bassline drops soulful tones that just wrap themselves around this fantastic piece of music. This is a fast, furious rock n roll beast that has us stamping our feet to the killer groove.

Samantha Fish / Jesse Dayton  –

                                                   Samantha Fish  –  Guitar / Vocals

                                                   Jesse Dayton  –  Guitar / Vocals

Track Listing  –

                       Lover On The Side

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